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Thread: gutted but safe

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    gutted but safe

    went stalking for the first time sat saw my first roe felt unsafe with my back stop so left it. then saw the next one got ready to shoot then that one moved to an unsafe back stop gutted but safe.will keep going one day might get it wright. hope you injoy the story.

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    You will quickly learn that Roe haven't read the book and do not always stand obligingly. Can't blame them really.

    Don't go out to shoot a beast, rather take the attitude that you are going out to spend time in the woods and if it so happens that a shootable beast is in a safe position then you will take a shot. If you take a shot then you have the joy of the larder and continuing the experience on the plate. And if you don't get a shot then you don't have all the messiness of the gralloch larder etc.

    That way you always come home satisfied, and more often than not you won't come back with venison, but you will have had a successful stalk.

    And if you have several unfruitful stalks, when you do get the chance then it is that much more rewarding and satisfying.

    But I know the feeling of not getting a shot - but don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

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    I was lucky enough to shoot a fallow on my very first out when I first started stalking...I was put in a highseat and the chap said a group of fallow will come out of that hole in the hedge over there at just on last light...The tail end of the group will be prickets, shoot the last one...I sat in the seat, and everything happpen as he predicted and I shot the last pricket...

    I remember thinking that stalking was easier than people said...I then started stalking roe in Sitka spruce forestry blocks up on the Borders near Harwick. Out on my own, and going up for probably one long weekend a month, it took me 12 months or so to get my first beast. Like yourself I was seeing Roe and getting "half chances" but it took ages for everything to fall into place and a beast to end up on the grass...

    The thing that moved me onto the next stage as a stalker was realizing you have to be able to make those half chances count..I'm not saying you compromise safety, but rather you can't faff about when a beast presents itself safely, nor in the real world will you always get a prefect broadside target as many books imply...

    Good luck on your next outing, but be warned, Roe stalking can become very addictive very quickly!



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    From the sound of your story ,you did everything right !
    You stalked in ,
    You didnt scare the deer,
    You were in position for a shot ,
    The shot didnt present itself ,
    You made the decision to stay safe ,
    You learnt a bit more about Roe,
    You went home again .

    Nothing to feel gutted about!
    You did it ALL right !!

    Let us know about your next trip out

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    Good luck on your next outing, but be warned, Roe stalking can become very addictive very quickly!



    Peter never a truer word said, ask my missus see says i'm never at home!!!!!!!!!!!
    sounds like you did everything right, I have not put a deer on the grass since last sept, but still go out and see these little white arses dissapearing into the undergrowth and I still go back for more.
    It's about being out there and enjoying the atmosphere of dawn for me. I have not got hundreds of deer but it's nice to se them.
    Was out in the Roe rut last august and there was a nice buck with 2 doe's we just watched them for ages and decided not to shoot, it was nice just to watch the deer go about there summer bussiness


    Keep at it it will fall into place

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    I know the feeling,

    on a bit of local land I have, I see does in buck season and bucks in doe season,

    never anything in season.

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    thanks all

    thanks all good response will keep trying. i am a grate fan of being in the woods in the morning good air birds singing white back ends going over the next ride but grate fun will keep you all informed what happens next time

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