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Thread: Looking for good secondhand scope and moderator

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    Looking for good secondhand scope and moderator

    I've just bought a very nice .243 Tikka T3 Hunter and am looking for a decent used scope, something like a Leupold VX111 3.5-10x40 and also a moderator, a Wildcat Predator 8 or something similar, threaded 14x1. If anyone knows where there might be a scope or mod for sale I'd be pleased to hear from them. Regards. David.
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    look in classified section mate

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    I have looked in the classified section mate but have found nothing yet that appeals and is within my budget. The reason I posted as I did is that there could be people with suitable items to sell who have not listed them in the classified section and I have already received one pm from such a person.

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    Thanks to all those who sent me a pm. I have now bought a scope from a member but I'm still looking for a 243 14x1 Wildcat Predator, or similar, moderator in good condition. David.

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    Hi David
    I had one made by jim baker, jim as started making moderators range of calibres and fittings,
    I went to see him to test fired one and i must say the Sound reduction on my rifle(22-250) was ace , i had a T8 on my rifle but this new one offers a lot better sound reduction.
    It is made of stainless steel and is a sealed unit consisting of a series of welded baffles forward of the muzzle, with a large rear expansion chamber that sits over the barrel its powder coating on the out side , the powder coating can be done in any colours, jim said i could have a pink one but the best part it will not rust out , will not need cleaning and jim said the more i use it the quieter it will get.
    Length x Diameter (mm): 280 x 40
    Weight (grams): 600gr
    Length in front of muzzle: 140mm
    Length back over the barrel 140mm
    give him a ring
    Jim Baker Tel: (Mobile) 07733 043823

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    Hello Mark
    Many thanks for that. I've phoned Jim Baker and had a long chat with him. I must say his moderators sound very good and he obviously has a vast amount of experience in these matters. I now need to speak to my local RFD to arrange for a mod to be sent to him and for him to enter the details on my certificate. I live too far from Somerset to go and see Jim in person. As a matter of interest I've discovered that a stainless steel and titanium mod is under development at an engineering works in Norfolk but no one there wants to talk to me about it - all very hush hush! I'll post again when I've got the moderator. Kind regards. David.

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    Before taking the plunge and buying one of Jim Baker's mods I thought I would make one more attempt to contact the man in Norfolk who is manufacturing stainless steel and titanium mods. This time he answered the phone to me and he is prepared to sell me one of his mods at a very reasonable price. He has several on trial with local gamekeepers and stalkers and is getting very good feedback. He is currently altering his tooling and will be in a position to supply me with a mod in about 3/4 weeks time. I'll see what he has to offer before making a final decision and will ask his permission to give his contact details etc in due course. David.

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    I have a ASE CQB theaded 14/1 for sale - 170 ( 320 new )

    PM if intersted


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    ase mods are superb. well built and always seam to come out on top in the mags and write ups for performance and built. they do cost abit but that one sir slots alot has for sale.

    is a great saving over new. they piss all over the wildcat imo

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