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Thread: any gloucestershire stalkers willing to help

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    any gloucestershire stalkers willing to help

    hi all just testing the water really , i have wanted to get into stalking for some time now and have never really bumped into anybody thats involved in it ,i have been involved in wildfowling and general shooting for about 6 years and i hold a fac ,To be able to stalk would be a dream come true for me ,
    in the near future i will do my dsc1 and start that way but in the meantime ,i was wondering ,or maybe dreaming are there any stalkers in the gloucestershire area that would be willing to have me tag along keep quite and stay in the background and get to know a bit more about the sport, .
    i am willing to pay for a stalk! locally

    also what sort of price is fair for a roe stalk as i don't want to be seen coming

    thanks for reading this guys.

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    I have been paying around 60 pounds a stalk

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    Dependant on where you are stalking - the norm is 80 nowadays.
    Up to 50 is cheap - 60 is reasonable.

    Where males (bucks/stags) are concerned, expect to also have to pay a trophy fee. Roe bucks can be VERY expensive!

    I would not expect to keep a carcass for that money (unless shooting Muntjac). The estate would normally sell the venison to a gamedealer.

    Do take into account that for this money, your guide will be getting up very early and staying up late, suffering the costs of fuel and the associated running expenses of his vehicle. Possibly also having to pay for access to the ground in the form of an annual lease etc.

    He will have to enjoy the outing - whatever the weather, have to find the deer - then possibly watch the client miss or gut shoot a beast that should have been added to the cull.

    All this in an outing that in total could take up four hours or so. That breaks down to well below the national minimum wage BEFORE you make any deduction for tax and overheads!

    A tough way of earning a living I fancy!

    Rgds Ian

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    That's a nice post Ian. The outlay of a guide should never be overlooked when deciding what is a fair price. It is often easy to forget that the person has a living to make and certain unavoidable expenses. I know we are very lucky on here that members offer greatly reduced, if not free, stalking to other members, but a lot of that is due to the fact that immediate expenses only are being covered. The stalking is not their main source of income.

    That said, there are of course some robbing bugger out there.


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    thanks guys i have been offered a roe stalk for 150 which i thought was a little high oh and that was a doe aswell, bit expensive for me at the moment

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    If that was for one stalk and a doe it was more than expensive it was daylight robbery

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    That would be one of the aforementioned robbing buggers


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    Was he wearing a mask and riding a black horse (Dick Turpin was a highway man) and at 150 for one stalk the guy charging this must have been his brother


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    so glad i didn't take him up on that then the robbing bugger

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