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Thread: The Lee Loaders

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    The Lee Loaders

    Well a while back I picked up a Lee Unitized Loader for the 280 Remington and doing a bit of research it seems Lee made several types these being the basic Lee Loader, The Unitized Loader that has a hand primer included, and have just discovered they did a

    Also noticed some examples the die body is chromed and on others a ground finish.

    Of course me being me would love to acquire examples of each type so h
    ave been on the look out for them and located one each of the Lee Loader in 270 Win and the Zero Error Target Model in 25-06. The shocker came when I enquired about shipping from the US the price being $47 US
    the last one cost $16.95 but that came in a small flat rate box and at least the Zero Error mode is in a larger box, or looks to be and so won't fit into the small box............................................... .. Oh Pooh! .

    Guess it's back to the drawing board.

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    what is different about them?
    looks like the same loader with the extra trimmer, chamfer and primer pocket tool included

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    Exactly so. The extras in the box make them different. The fact I can also have them to suit different rifles is also an attraction. Have the one in .280 Rem already, one I enquired about is for the 270 Win and another for the 25-06. All of which of course I won rifles chambered for .

    Of course the late ones come in a plastic box which is another variation. The ones I am after right now are older card boxed ones. It's a bit like some of my Parker-hale sights. Earlier ones have nice rounded adjusters the later ones it seems are more square in profile. Same model sight but different.

    I suppose it's the collector in me.

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    I love them.
    I have the bits that come in the box you mention and the plastic case has stood up pretty well.

    I have often though a graduated collar would be a marked improvement on the bullet seating aspect, but any decent engineer could knock that up for pennies. I have one for each calibre and the trimmers to go with them.
    Just bought myself an Autoprime XR to save some time on primer seating!
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    The Target Reloaders weren't made by Lee, exactly. Lee went through a turbulent business period during which they lost control of the company and the Target Loaders were made by the controlling company (and for the life of me I can't think of the name, and I don't feel like digging it out before I've had a first cup of coffee...) In any event, the neatest part of the Target Reloader is the Neck Reamer. Once the case is tapped into the die, reamer is run into the case neck leaving the neck very uniform. They also have a micrometer seater which is nice. I have two of these sets in .222, and one in 243. JAYB has one in 243, I believe. I seriously want one in 30-06 but the only one I've seen for sale was really beat up. I know that loads made for my .222 are bench-rest grade.~Muir

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    The label in the box I can see in the photo says :-

    Lee Custom Engineering.

    On the Zero Error target loader that is.

    Ahhh I believe the name your looking for is Mequon. Just found a 7mm Rem Mag Unitized one listed as such on e-bay.

    Looking through the Lee listings I found three Zero Error loaders listed. 22/250. 244/6mm and 25-06.

    Have to give this some thought now as the shipping is making a big dent in my budget. Might have to ask a couple for friends in the US to keep an eye for them after all they don't weigh that much my Unitzied one weighs 21 ozs so I wonder how much surface mail would be. I am not in an all fire hurry so if it take a couple of weeks to get here so what? More to mull over.

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    you are being bent over on postage. I have shipped and received much heavier items from the US at significantly less cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    you are being bent over on postage. I have shipped and received much heavier items from the US at significantly less cost

    My thoughts exactly but I am trying to be polite . I brought my Lee 280 AI dies from a shop in the US off E-Bay and still have the USPS Priority Mail Intl Flat Rate box they arrived in which costs $16.95 for any US Post Office... I checked on their web site. However the problem is the Zero Erro box is too big to fit into the small flat rate box and needs the medium which costs $47.85 I believe. My thoughts are that putting the box into a large "Jiffy" bag and sending it would probably cost less due to the weight. However getting the vendor to do that is another matter entirely .

    So I shall keep looking and hope to find another way. I have brought quite a bit from the US from badges, catalogues, books to car parts and notice some E-Bay vendors use to postage to really rack up the money. Got caught for near $70 US for a Clutch slave cylinder for the car but even with that rip off it was under half the price one could be found it the UK so .

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    Ahhh well found a std Lee Loader for the .270 Win cartridge for $10.49 US plus $20 US Post and packing so it will be winging it's way across the pond to the UK. The Zero Error Target model will take a wee bit longer to locate it seems..................

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