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Thread: RPA Rifles

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    RPA Rifles

    Anyone using or used an rpa for stalking ?

    ATB Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    Anyone using or used an rpa for stalking ?

    ATB Steve
    I had possibly the first production Interceptor 6.5x55 back in 2003, reviewed it for Gun Mart and my ugly mug got to grace the front cover.
    As an accuracy range tool it was very good, for stalking a non starter really for the following reasons.

    The stock was gloss black, it looked like a hearse, it was like humping around a big black mirror.
    Weight, a bloody ton.
    Safety mech was a bit suss on mine.

    The last factor is down to the individuals requirements rather than a fault, the Interceptor was single shot.

    But on the plus side, it would shoot 1 hole groups with a variety of factory ammo, reloads could be stoked right up as the quadlite action is extremely strong, fantastic 2 stage trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    Anyone using or used an rpa for stalking ?

    ATB Steve
    No but my tomatoes love the shade they provide, best stakes i have ever used

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    must be the luckiest tomatoes in kent. LOL

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    I've shot one. It was very accurate and undoubtabley well built.

    However, the one I used (General Purpose Hunter) was heavy. They are all quite pricey for a factory rifle and the choice of calibres is a bit limited compared with other factory rifles.

    If I was contemplating spending the price of a new one I'd get a custom job instead and have eveything exactly as I wanted it. However, if one came up second hand at the right price and condition I'd be tempted.



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    All the comments above probably explain why they went tits up. I believe someone brought the name/company and they are making rifles again.

    Although I handled a stalking rifle I didn't get to shoot it as I believe the owner was a bit miffed with me as it was having extraction problems and I was asked my opinion and upon looking at the fired cases there were obvious signs of excessive pressure. As the owner makes this ammo for a living he was not happy and kept telling me it was within proof pressures.

    As I pointed out to him that was neither here not there in that RPA rifle those rounds gave excessive pressures. The ammunition was fine through Carl's Range Master also by RPA wich I have shot. Frankly neither rifle is for me. Too plastic and Tacticool for my liking.

    For stalking I feel there are far better rifles available.

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    it wont be used for stalking much as i have something else just maybe for high seat work and foxing. Liked the idea of the accuracy it may give

    ATB Steve

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    What you want is a nice light varberger like mine ten times better then an rpa

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    A nice Blaser in 6mm BR with a match barrel would be perfect for that job lighter just as accurate etc !

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    I have a RPA GP hunter in 0.308. it is a real tack driver. I had the stainless barrel coated to cut out reflection at the factory. The stock is good and not at all gloss. The barrel is fluted to reduce weight.
    It is not a light rifle, but not too heavy either.
    Anesthetically it is not as pleasing as a Sako 75, nor are the magazines as well finished, but they feed well and do all that is asked of them.
    I purchased it as I wanted a British built rifle, not just one assembled in the UK from parts made abroad.
    I use it regularly and am pleased with it.
    High seat and foxing, it will be near perfect!

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