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Thread: Brass and Bullets Clearout

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    Brass and Bullets Clearout

    Once fired sized and cleaned 243 Brass

    100 Sako 25 + postage SOLD Pending Funds
    100 Sako 25 + postage SOLD Pending Funds
    100 Norma 25 + postage SOLD Pending Funds


    .257 Nosler Ballistic Tips
    Bag of 80 100gr 25
    3 x Unopened Boxes (50 ct)100gr 15 / box

    .257 Speer Hot-cor Spitzer
    Unopened box 100gr (100 ct) 25

    .257 Nosler Accubonds
    Box of 50 110gr 20

    .308 Nosler Partition
    Part box (32 ct) 15

    Set of 270win Lee Dies 15 posted

    I am in the Andover Area for the next week for the face to face items or at BSRC Bisey on Sunday.
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    how much is post on the Norma I will ask my mate if he wants them as he uses norma brass

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    Hi sorry the Brass is already sold pending funds

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    Hi, sent PM about Dies.
    what are they? FL/N/S? (and Crimp?)

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    I think they are a FL and seater I need to get them down out of the loft I will check them and post a reply I wont be till the morning now though.

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    I will take the 308 bullets please I will be at Bisley also this Sunday pm we can meet up and do the deal chris

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    dont suppose you ever head north towards yorkshire do you as id be interested in the nosler BT's but unfortunatley the bargin aspect goes out the window if i had to drive over far to meet you !!!


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