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Thread: High retention black kydex sheaths.

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    High retention black kydex sheaths.

    I have been making these for a while and have recently started making them for Mora knives. Here I have two for the companion knife and four for the larder knife - a brilliant knife that doesn't come with one.

    These have rivets along the entire length and the belt loop is attached by chicago bolts which feed through the eyelets and can be removed to carry the knife in a pocket or sheath without fear of it coming out.

    These will ONLY fit the knives they are made for as they are heat formed around them. If you want one made for another knife I'll see if I have it in stock and if not will need the actual knife. These are priced to move and custom will be a bit more depending upon the knife.

    Anyway 20 each for the larder sheaths (knife not included) and 18 each for the companion (again, no knife).

    I do leather knives and have two of these too. The shiner one is mink oiled and resolined, the matt, just mink oiled and the loop is for a ferro rod - favoured by Ray Mears for starting fires. These are 32 each.

    Designed around the Bushcraft Force and old fashioned Mora they should easily fit other similar knives but I cannot guarantee a close fit.

    Thanks for looking.

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    The prices include paypal and postage by the way.

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    Wouldn't mind a kydex 1 for an EKA swingblade if thats possible??


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    I can do most knives. PM sent.

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    Would be interested in a leather one for EKA swing blade. Do they come with a belt loop?

    Cheers. Matt.

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    The ones in stock are now 12 for larder and 10 for companion, posted. Need to get them cleared.

    If you want anything made, plaese send me a pm and I'll see what I can do.



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    Is the companion the "clipper" or is that a different Mora ?


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    It's almost exactly the same. I'll check the fit.

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    Fits just as well.

    The orange companion sits well in these without that bright orange bit hanging out the bottom of your jacket.

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