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Thread: Fast 308 load and powder question

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    Fast 308 load and powder question

    I have a 308 load with 150 grain Hornady Spire points and Reloader 15 that is giving me 3000fps out of my Blaser which has a 22 inch barrel, I think.

    This load is very accurate for me and the brass has been used many times now with no signs of excessive pressure or primers falling out. However, there was a range of reactions on SD when I reported that I was seeing 3000fps and although I knew it was a book max load from an older Speer manual I started to consider that maybe it was a little on the hot side and, perhaps, that Speer might have revised their data downwards in recent times. I did work up to it over a period of maybe nearly 2 years so it certainly wasn't a rash decision to shoot such a load and call it safe in my rifle and I've shot this load hundreds of times.

    However, today I was looking on the Alliant site and noticed that their max load is exactly what I'm using and they are suggesting 2919fps out of a 22 inch barrel which compares well with what I'm actually getting. So, it appears that my fast load is a current book load and that is reassuring. Nosler Partitions were not so accurate with that load behind then and needed slowing down to about 2700 before they would shoot consistently.

    On the down side I'm running out of RL15 and, so far, can't find someone to sell me more of it. This is the problem with being at the end of the supply chain. Can anyone suggest other powders that might give me reasonable velocity with the spire points and also Nosler Partitions?

    I'm not too worried about accuracy issues as, being a Blaser, my rifle shoots almost everything to about the same degree of accuracy given a little bit of fine tuning and with me almost always being the limiting factor. Factory Federal will shoot as well as any reload I can make no matter how careful, or even how careless, I am.

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    I use varget 45g with 150 nosler bt gives aprox 2850 excellent groups in my r8 dont need to be any faster atb Steve

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    Steve, that is good velocity for a lower charge of varget. Not a bad thing. 2850 fps with accuracy is what you target with a .308 in my opinion. 48 grains of Varget seems to be the go to load for a 150 by most shooters here in aust. i see a lot of guys using 46 - 47 behind a 165 gn pill.

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    Maybe I need to work up a Varget load if I can get a reliable supply of it as it would be good to have loads for several powders just in case I can't get one or other. 2850 would be more than enough for me.

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