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Thread: Thanks to Jelen Deer for my first ever stalking trip.

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    Thanks to Jelen Deer for my first ever stalking trip.

    I would like the give many thanks to Mike and the lads at Jelen Deer Services for an amazing stalk last weekend, I was taken out on Saturday evening for my first ever stalk by my guide Dan to a lovely piece of woodland just minutes from the Jelen office. After arriving at the stalking ground I was given a briefing on what the plan was for the evening, we checked my equipment and made our way cautiously through the woods.
    After a short while Dan stopped me in my tracks and pointed out a lovely Roe buck in the distance just visible on a slight bend in the ride, but not in a shoot-able position.
    I decided to take to my stomach and crawled slowly under the trees just to the side of the ride to try to gain a better view and shorten the distance between us.
    After what seemed an eternity I arrived around 80 yds from him and laid there watching him through the scope, I had a good backstop when he lifted his head and turned broadside to me, I glanced back at Dan who had waited where we first saw him and saw him give me the thumbs up, I looked back into my scope and as I laid watching him I could feel my heartbeat seemingly booming in my head, I took a couple of slow deep breaths, held the exhale and squeezed my finger, the animal dropped on the spot, I laid there again watching the buck lay motionless, my heart rate still beating like a drum in my head.
    After a few minutes I slowly got back to my feet and approached the deer, frantically trying to remember all the advice and training Iíd received and read, I arrived, it still laid motionless, suddenly my memory came back, I checked for a blink reaction, nothing, Dan arrived and congratulated me.
    We did a visual inspection on the hooves and around the mouth, Dan asked me if I was up to attempting the gralloch which I was and under his watchful eye I carried on, everything seemed to just fly by with Dan giving advice when needed.
    The deer was a lovely 6 point roe buck, between winter and summer coats, it had a few ticks but was in excellent condition, what a fantastic beast for my first deer.
    I canít wait to get back down there again for another stalk, the stalking drug has definitely got hold of me and I canít thank Mike, Dave, Dan and all the other lads enough for a wonderful experience, Thank you all


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    Well done Scott!

    The first of many

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    Nice timing.
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    Quote Originally Posted by moses View Post
    Nice timing.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by moses View Post
    Nice timing.
    I was led to believe they had no deer?

    Nice buck young Scott! Remember that one when you're piss wet through and getting in your wagon empty handed some time, it may be the only thing that will get you out again!
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    nice buck mate, dont listen to old man digger haha you never go home empty handed.

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    I was fortunate enough to get a free stalk with Jelen (novice stalker, see 'Winners...' thread).

    Anyways, would share your comments on the great service that they offer.

    Hope you don't mind me sharing my experience... (copied from 'Winners...' thread)

    A huge thank you to those at Jelen Deer Services!

    My afternoon started with a relaxing cup of tea before I went out with Greg. We headed out to a wooded area where Greg had recently seen Fallow moving. We stalked this potential area for a couple of hours without seeing more than the occasional rabbit. Exiting the wood we spotted a couple of Roe moving across a far field, just as the sun was starting to disappear. We moved in closer for a look, they were still on the move. As we got closer we could see that one was a shootable pricket, but they were not interested in stopping and continued heading back to the woods. We were not close enough to get a suitable shot.

    As I thought that i would be going home without pulling the trigger we noticed that from behind there were three Fallow trotting straight towards us. We were laying on the ground, so turned around and saw that the deer were still walking directly towards us. The front deer was a shootable pricket, Greg whistled, the front deer stopped broadside at around 75, i shot. The deer ran 50 yards before stopping, looking around and dropping dead.

    Needless to say for my first deer, my heart was pumping!! The only downside was finding out that a Fallow pricket weights a lot more than a Roe, and we were a decent distance from the vehicle!!

    Once again huge thanks to Mike and all at Jelen. Will definitely be back!

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    Hi Scott, and Joe,

    Well done to you both. It's great to see people get their first deer, and I know it's a memory that will remain with you for the rest of your lives.

    I remember my first deer I shot with Gordon MacReddie at Spadeadam forest in Cumbria almost four decades ago!!! but I remember it like it was this morning!

    It certainly gives me and our guides a great buzz to have been part of the process for you both, and many others over the past few years. I hope we see you both again soon.

    Enjoy the memory guys,

    Best regards,

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