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Thread: what binoculars

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    what binoculars

    hi all,just a question about binoculars.i have between 300 to 400 to spend on binoculars as the old one are well by there best,so my dilema is do i try and get a second hand pair or buy a not so good pair new and also what is the best mag. EG 8 X42 or sum other size.thank for any input

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    try hawk under 300 fantastic very good in low light

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    Save a bit more and buy s/h swarovski, zeiss or leica.

    You will end up buying them one day, might aswell do it straight off.

    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    2nd minox, very good

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    hi swarworski 8.5 x42 el are great but ive got a set minox 8 x 44 i got off the online shop and there very good and only about 55o euros new
    atb tom

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    Definately try and have a look at Steiner, they are the best in your price range IMO. See if you can try them next to Minox.

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    You could consider a pair of 'old fashioned' Swaro' porro-prisms. I have a pair in 7x42 green rubber armoured that I have had for years. They are as tough as old boots, excellent optics, lightweight and relatively compact. They still sell new for aroung 700 but you will not see many of them, so a second hand pair should be obtainable within budget. As the porro prism is out of fashion you should get a good deal. A 'wanted' post in the classified optics on this site may produce an offer ?

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    300 to 400 is a goin to be a fairly tough job for what i would suggest,but defo buy second hand good quality,keep looking on ebay the odd bargain does occasionally happen,like 8x42 geovid leicas,or 10x42,and now and again 10x40 zeiss bgat come up in this price range,,basically,buy cheap buy twice...............

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    + 1 for minox - superb for price

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