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Thread: Wwt & lead shot

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    Wwt & lead shot

    This week's Shooting Times reports that the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (started by the late Peter Scott) is to campaign for a ban on the use of all lead shot being used for shooting in the UK within 3 years due to public health concerns. It will be interesting to see how the various shooting organisations respond to this proposal. And, would the WWT seek to include a ban on lead based rifle ammunition?

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    why not just leave things as they are this way has went on for hundreds of years .heard about all these steel shot people just dont rate them as good as the lead what do others think

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    I was reading the article today and to be honest it massively cheesed me off.

    I would hope all of the representative bodies will meet this head on and put them back in their box. All this talk of ongoing lead poisoning, do they have any hard evidence and has it been released into the public domain? Can any member on here honestly say they have come across deceased wildfowl where lead poisoning was likely? How are they planning to justify a blanket ban? I'm hoping this will simply go down as a massive own goal by a jumped up charity that obviously has lost the plot!

    Rant over!


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    Since when did they need proof or to justify anything?

    They never have done so .......................................... so far. So what make you think they will need it now?

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    This is not the way we want to be going,as a secretary of a wildfowling club we already have to comply with the non toxic alternatives and the biggest factor is the shear cost of anything any good imo.If you can drag DOUBLE FOUR into this one you'll get a lot more info as he's spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds experimenting with most of the alternatives for his big bore fowling pieces. The cheapest option at the moment I think would have to be steel but factory loaded shells far exceed the cost of any lead shells and no one in their right mind would want to put any through the family purdey's.

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    I am wondering why wwt are so far removed from thier ideal of wildfowl amd wetland trust, are thay also in the power search, another bunch that would like to be the dictaters in public life, some times i despair of all these bored little hitlers desiding what is good for eveyone!!

    ATB Barry

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    The article was written by Tim Bonner, my colleague at the Countryside Alliance. Papers were passed to our office that showed the WWTs intentions (and plans) to get lead banned. The CA is opposed to any further restriction on lead ammunition that is not based on fact - by which we mean peer reviewed, UK evidence. Debbie Pain of the WWT has failed to produce any of this in the 30 years she has been researching lead, and their intentions are based on prejudice. We will be taking them to task on this one.


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    With all due respect now if not the time for any one organisation to start waving the ‘lead flag’.

    ALL of the main shooting and trade organisations are opposed to further restrictions and always have been.

    The big issue is that all the main shooting and trade organisations are working on the lead issue at a European level as one through FACE. See these weeks Shooting Times Page 5 or the BASC web site or more details; UK shooting organisations unite to meet European threat to lead shot - FACE UK press release.

    At the UK level the Lead Ammunition Group are looking at the fact based evidence of lead shot.

    You are, David, I am sure aware of the level of non compliance and this is not helping shootings case. I hope the CA and indeed other organisations will be joining BASC in telling its members and others that compliance with the law is vitally important.

    Now more than ever there is the need for a united front.


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    No one is flag waving David - we are just responding to a direct attack on our sport - hence the need to let everyone who shoots know of the WWT's plan.


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    Thanks for the responses on behalf of BASC & the Countryside Alliance. It is good to know that both are dealing with this, and a united front from all the shooting organisations is certainly the best way to counter this proposal.

    If anyone, however, wishes to put their own reasoned views (whether for or against further regulation regarding the use of lead) to the WWT, you could email
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