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Thread: Sako A2 .243

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    Sako A2 .243

    Hello, Ive a Sako A2 on the way in .243win and its in as new condition. Is anyone using one for stalking/foxing on here? What ammo is working best for yee? As far as I know they come in 1 in 10 twist would I be correct? Thanks

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    Big Fella, with a 1:10 twist it should / will shoot projectiles up to 100 grains well. In the budget the 100 grain remington corelokt is a medium to great heavy (fallow, red and sika stag) deer pill. For the other rats you guys shoot (roe and munties) and fox at 80 - 85 grain load is the ducks nuts. For one load for everything go with a 87 grain Hornady Sp or HPBT hand load with H4350.

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    i tried factory rounds initially and got 1.1/2" groups at best using Federal 85gr, Lapua 100gr and Hornady 100gr.
    As I was new to the gun it may have been me?
    So I reload and now get better than .5" using Vit 160 and Sierra 85gr Gameking or Vmax 87gr.
    CCI200 primers, brass varies. COL: 0.060" with vmax and 0.120" with Gameking.
    They are 1in10 and 100gr should be ok.
    there is a Sako forum: Sako Collectors Club - The Front Page

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    Have one use it for everything handles bullets up to 105 grain without a problem.

    Yes 1 in 10 twist.

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    Chucking Geko 105grain through mine 1 MOA no problem if i can control the Dt's long enough

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    i have a 18" A2 and have found it to stalbise 55grn norma factory all the way up to 100grn hornaday soft points mine eats ppu 90grn and 100grn within
    1 inch, 75grn sierra HP to be the best reloads with cloverleaf groups for the foxes but (explosive) on roe deer

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    I used to own a Sako A2 .243 with a T8 on the end and got cloverleaf groups at 100m with 70grn ballistic tips with 46grns H414, CCI Magnum primers, seated to 2230 on the ogee.

    This load has worked really well in at least half a dozen local 243's and looking at my notes I've used it since 2001 - I sold the Sako when I bought a Blaser with a .243 barrel and didn't need to change the load.

    I also loaded up some 95grn ballistic tips using 45grns H4831SC, standard CCI Large rifle primers, seated to 2230 again. I used the H4831SC so I could use the same powder in my 7mm Rem Mag. Off the top of my head this shot better than 1" groups at 100m.

    As usual, starting below and working up to a load is the way to go.

    I did buy a couple of boxes of Norma 58gr V-max hornady and these shot to the same point of zero at 100m as the 70's in my blaser

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    Thanks for the replys lads. As I am in Ireland I cant reload. I will be sure to try the 58gr hornady v-max and 70gr federal.

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