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Thread: sauer 200 barrels

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    sauer 200 barrels

    Going to look at a .300 win mag 200 sauer tomorrow , does anyone know what other cal barrels wil go onto a sauer magnum action.? DF

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    Hi Buddy ,

    Border barrels , will make you anything you want with one of their excellent barrels & they make a locking extension for the Sauer rifles , so you can just drop the barrel into your action and shoot it , so its up to you want calibre etc , with in the restraints of the .532 head size etc .

    Later Chris

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    Bob, the Sauer 200/202 basically have two actions sizes. The magnums are all in one action size, so 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 375H&H will fit, plus a couple of Euro cals, 6.5x68 and 8x68. The bolt for the smaller 0.473" case heads will not fit in a magnum action, so you are restricted to magnum calibres only in that rifle.

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    Thanks guys but i had a look at the sauer nice rifle for sure but maybe not quite what i wanted, threw caution to the wind and rightly or wrongly i have had to scratch the.300 ultra mag itch!
    Heared that much positive and negative vibes about this calibre i thought i would give it a whirl and see for myself.
    Got a good deal on a new rem sondero fluted stainless which has a good bit of weight to it and a bounus as its screw cut too, plan to fit a mod to it rather than a brake to save the lugs and tame it and see how we go thats if the bolt handle doesent fall off first !!!!.
    Plenty of time before the rut to get a load for it and see if it is do able, if not i could always put a win mag tube in or send it to the ultra mag grave yard The guy who sold me the rifle uses one along with a few of his mates, said they wouldnt go back to the other magnums and these are the danglies !
    Well he would say that seen as they had heavily discounted the rifle to get rid of it DF

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