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Thread: songbird predation

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    songbird predation

    Do you have any photographs of predation of songbirds their eggs or fledglings by corvids , raptors or mamals that can be used to back up scientific research and for educational purposes . Anything like a magpie , sparrowhawk or a cat eating a bird or eggs would be spot on . Thank you very much

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    No photos but yesterday on the road into a business park a magpie was hammering a blackbird. The latter still very much alive. Don't know if it had been hit by a car, but magpie was definitely trying to finish it off.

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    How about the one that the RSPB and other organisations would have you believe don't take eggs....

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    BASC will be able to provide you with good material.
    Alternatively you will find loads on the internet

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    Sorry no photos but once shot 4 maggies and the rabbit they were attacking with the 12 bore. Got three of the dratted maggies. One somehow escaped. They had taken the rabbits eyes out whilst it was alive. Horrible birds.

    Those dratted magpies also killed a complete litter of grey squirrels in the garden. One day we counter something like 11 magpies in the garden at the same time and we lost quite a few ducklings and chicken chicks to the maggies.. Our garden covered an acre and had loads of trees.

    The strange thing is we had a Rookery opposite in the wood and didn't have trouble with them. Luckily we don't see magpies much here.

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    Suggest you PM ReMington, he has a lovely set of pics of a female sparrowhawk eating its prey on his back yard. Stunning pics i thought.


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    Bewsher , that ideal

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