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Thread: buck with a white dorsal stripe

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    buck with a white dorsal stripe

    I have a famiily group of Roe that quite often hang around and feed just outside the fence at the bottom of my garden. I spend hours just watching them. Magic. Theres an older buck, doe and their young from last year - a doe and a knobber. However the young knobber has a prominent pure white stripe running down his back from his head, a gap at the shoulders, and then on down to his rump. He looks and acts completely normal otherwise.
    How common is this? I have never seen it before although I am relatively new to stalking.
    I was thinking of taking him out about now, before he gets "sent elsewhere" by the older guys but should I leave him be?
    Apologies if this is a common thing but its new to me.
    Cheers, andy

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    Occasionally see white patch or blotch here or there but Ive never seen one with white strips down back.

    Old fella will probably push him off later in the year ......... your decision on his fate I guess



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    Maybe it will grow out as he gets his first adult summer coat?
    Anyway, if I do take him out soon i will get some piccies and post them here.

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