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Thread: FAC Application

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    FAC Application

    I just had the firearms officer round for his visit about my FAC and he has granted it me for a .243 and said they may put a restriction on for having to be out with an experienced stalker but he isnt sure. either way im happy! Cant wait for my first rifle!


    edit: and i only applied for it less than 2 weeks ago!
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    Good luck with FAC, did you just put down .243. Adrian

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    yea just for a .243 and he said he was happy for me to have it

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    Did he put moderator down, even if you don't want one now you may do in future.

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    Well glad it has worked out for you, now down to the more enjoyable side of it.

    Do you have a rifle in mind?

    No matter what you buy spend some time getting used to it, so that when you take that first killing shot it will be a moment to remember not something you would rather forget.

    Good luck

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    Yes, i have a couple in mind im looking at. 1 of which i have used 3 times and i got on really well with it, as well as getting my first muntjac with it.


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