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Thread: Time for a rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Time for a rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is non shooting related well sort off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im selling a set of bagpipes as Ive had a medical discharge (hernia) Well onto Gumtree they went, as I need to fund some shooting stuff etc. 3 calls 1 led to nothing, 1 wanted to buy them but was struggling to get into proper contact as shifts contract work place etc are really trying at present but kept e-mailing me with updates!! Then 9.30 last night phone went, a lad very keen to buy them or so it seemed! We went through everything all was amicable, payment was being made via paypal as we swaped contact details etc. Just after this the 1st buyer calls to sort all out with me. I then have the task of telling him they were sold. Up early this morn to try and meet my mate before he goes to work, to get bubble wrap out the works van to get them wrapped and posted. Out of chance a quick check of emails and paypal, no money etc????? Now the lad seems to be giving me the run around. I am damned annoyed at this for 2 reasons. A. why contact people with definate pledges to buy and not follow through and B. Ive went against my usual train of practise and thought and well feel as if Ive made a total fool of myself. I contacted a lad of this forum and showed my interest in buying something he has and I would like and now its left me with egg on my face!!!!!!!!!! lessons learnt? well yes big time.. I am so so angry...........


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    That's people or at least some people. I remember years ago selling a litter of spaniels. A guy had heard about my litter before they were advertised and contacted me to see them. He called and picked two pups that he wanted. In the next few weeks he visited, brought his family to see the pups and was in constant contact re their progress. Come pick up day he failed to appear and I've never heard or seen of him since.

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    Happens all the time these days, time was when a mans word was his bond!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nabbers View Post
    Happens all the time these days, time was when a mans word was his bond!
    Im only 42, must be to trusting as I thought the same...


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