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Thread: Hello from the Scottish Borders

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    Hello from the Scottish Borders

    Hi everyone,
    Just a quick note to introduce myself to you all.
    I am a gamekeeper who lives and works in the beautiful Scottish Borders (Hawick, Jedburgh area ) I have been stalking for more years than I can actually remember, but my love of the sport will never dwindle.
    I have shot with many different rifles/calibers but my favouite now has to be a ruger no1 falling block in 22.250.
    Looks like a very interesting site, ( never to old to learn, I hope )

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    Welcome to site, heaps of info... im in same area


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    hi from a newbie to a old pro buy the sounds of it

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    hi farquarsen,nice to see you got round to signing up thers plenty of helpful guys on here and as you said ,never to old to learn.
    would also like to thank you for a wonderful few days and hope that i can get up again in the future.
    cheers the scudd

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    farquarson, he is "the man"...
    thanks again... remember , go easy on the rare awl stuff...
    Thank the misses for the photos for me... recieved them today..

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