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Thread: What first Rifle?

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    What first Rifle?

    Hi, everyone I have not long received my first firearms/shotgun certificate after years of borrowing off relitives and friends. Initially when applying for my licence I only put a .22 on as I thought that was all I'd be allowed at first. However when the Plod came out they suggested rather than applying later I could put a .222 down which was later approved. I was also told that I could change this with no fee to a .223 depending what I finally decided on. Im looking for something for very occasional use as im only getting out a couple of times a month when I get up to the farm. I have given myself an absolute max budget of 450 for a first rifle.

    Also as an afterthought I was offered a 22-250 Synthetic Remington 700 SF with a scope and sound moderator for around 450 from the relative of a gentleman who owned the Rifle but had sadly passed away and wondered if I should maybe consider this rather than the .222 or .223 if it was still available? (Was a very heavy rifle from what I can recollect but in good condition and had a strange fluted barrel)Any feedback on what kind of Rifle and set up I should be looking at would be greatly appreciated!Many thanks, Gordon.
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    There is this for 495, but it has been for sale for yonks, 450 might buy it: Lovely rifle for the money and a lot better than some new offerings at more cash.

    Or this CZ with a cheapish scope:

    Lots of stuff for less on Guntrader.

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    Weight in a rifle is a good thing - it reduces recoil, makes it much steadier to shoot, heavy barrels heat much more slowly so you can take a number of shots in a quick time etc. That is why test barrels and bench rest target rifles are so heavy. All in all weight is good, until you have carry the bloody thing.

    On a hunting rifle 99% of the time it is in use, it is being carried. Those heavy barreled remingtons in 22-250 and other similar rifles are fine for target work and long range foxing from the back of vehicles or a fixed position, but unless you are strong and fit, not much fun carrying over any sort of distance.

    Remingtons are OK ish, but really need a lot of work to make them into really good rifles. They can be used as the base for a good custom rifle. I have used in the past custom rifles built on the remington platform and superbly accurate.. You would probably get much better value out of a Tikka, Sako or CZ as pointed out by Brian. That Tikka is a very nice rifle.

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    That Tikka isn't a very nice rifle. That Tikka is a superb rifle. The 590 is one of the very best rifles to come out of Finland, and the best to wear a Tikka badge. They are very sought after in my part of the world for building precision custom rifles. The Remington also sounds like a very good buy, but i'd personally much rather the Tikka. I'd also rather a .222 or .223 to a 22-250. 22-250 is too much fire-and-brimstone for me.

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    Thanks for your input so far guys, after seeing the Tikka im certainly swaying in that direction and to be honest I didn't think id get anything like that in my price bracket! Just to decide now whether to hold off and find one locally in Moray/Ross Shire or go ahead and bite the bullet and getting a rifle RFD for the first time.

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    Flash, I nearly bought that rifle for myself a couple of months ago, that is why I know it has been listed for sale for at least the past three months. The only reason I did not buy it was that I picked up a s/h 222 barrel for my Blaser off this sight.

    I would avoid a s/h 22/250 unless I knew it's history. You might not have a problem, but you could get a dog in need of a new barrel.

    I would avoid a heavy varmint type rifle for a first/only rifle situation. They are more specialist tools and not ideal all-rounders by any means. That Tikka will make a lovely and handy Fox and Roe rifle up in Scotland. If you don't abuse it you will be able to sell it on in a few years for rather more than you pay for it now. If that rifle was in an RFD here in NI, he would be asking 600 minimum for it and it would be gone in a week.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I would recommend a tikka rifle, nice, reliable and cracking accuracy straight from the box. I bought a t3 all weather 10 years ago and still have this rifle, can't see past them


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    Quote Originally Posted by redlab View Post
    I would recommend a tikka rifle, nice, reliable and cracking accuracy straight from the box. I bought a t3 all weather 10 years ago and still have this rifle, can't see past them

    Redlab, can you recommend anyone up north for RFD rifles im living working in Elgin area but often up in Dingwall area where most of the family are. Rgds.

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    I'm in Inverness and usually go to macleods in tain. Greggor knows his stuff and is usually quite good on price. I know a few people that shop in Graham's in Inverness with Good things to say bout them. But i would rather travel to Tain myself!


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    Might have to take a trip to tain on Saturday and see what they have just now. Is there much play on price from whats marked on the shelf of gunstores apologies for my ignorance but it's all pretty new to me. Cheers.

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