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Thread: Upper wauchope burn forrest syndicate

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    Upper wauchope burn forrest syndicate

    I have not been on forum for couple of weeks and have received pm stating that i had accused other syndicate member of LAMPING. I will set the record strait i did not accuse the member of lamping i actually caught him in the act and thinking it was poachers i telephoned and informed the lease holder Iain Campbell (TACHO C) immediately. He said to me to inform the FC ranger and while ringing the ranger the syndicate member past me on the road with quad bike on trailer. I then phoned Iain back and told him what i had seen and his reply was that this member should not have been in the forrest. I then rang the member but got no reply. I was then called back by Iain stating that is was the other syndicate member and that he had been lamping. The next day i received a text from the member admitting that he had been lamping and that like me he was told by Iain the lease holder that he was in the forrest on his own neither of us aware the other stalker was in the forrest at the same time i still have the text in my phone. BIG HEALTH and SAFETY ISSUE. The other syndicate member had been within approx 80yards of me travelling arround on his quad. If i had been the lease holder that member would have had his membership terminated there and then. This did not happen and the culprit member did not learn from the error of his ways and was caught lamping by the FC ranger and i believe is no longer a syndicate member.
    I was also accused of having an axe to grind as i have left the syndicate but as membership fees are not cheap then i think i have the right to go else where if unjust Lamping activities are going on and the lease holder does nothing to stop this.

    As you say TACHO C the stalking world is a small one.
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