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Thread: Vectronix Terrapin LRF

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    Vectronix Terrapin LRF

    Any one had the chance to use one of these yet? It looks like an affordable long range LRF that will work.

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    HI ,

    Go to , forums , firearms section , then Long Range Shooting section, then , New Toy , thread .

    And you will see a short write up , I did , on mine .

    Later Chris

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    YES , they are the best with out having to take out a loan for , If you need one , I can point you in the right direction , ie from the USA , maybe a lot cheaper than buying locally .


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    Chris, thanks for the link. I have been looking at the PLRF10/ 10c for a few years but they are just to much to justify a purchase. Looking at the results your getting, the terrapin it will suit my purpose... just need to get saving.

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