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Thread: Poor shot calling

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    Poor shot calling

    I have just watched a goat shooting DVD and am absolutely amazed at what people think are acceptable shots. In this one DVD the chap tells his guests to take a shot when they are:

    A) Standing in front of another beast
    B) Standing in long grass when you can just see the head sticking out nothing below, and there are numerous others there
    C) On the horizon

    And what's worse is he filmed it!

    Had to have a rant sorry.

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    Funny i've just been watching roe buck stalking video's on utube and most of them are not the sort of shots i would take or for that matter video !

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    Let me guess - from the same place on eBay as the Extreme Deer Hunting DVD's?

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    Let me guess - from the same place on eBay as the Extreme Deer Hunting DVD's?

    I was actually given it (the DVD that is) by a member on this site. I have never bought any DVD's from ebay.
    I take it you dont recommend the extreme deer ones then?

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    I think that what you have to remember is that a lot of the time the camera is in a different place to the stalker........ergo....the direction that you think the shot is going is just wrong,and it is coming from a totally different direction altogether.And if you don't believe me speak to John Robbo he has had the same accusations thrown in his direction.It is very easy to judge just from looking at a film.


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