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Thread: Foxes, Foxes Everywhere

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    Foxes, Foxes Everywhere

    I don't know if this is old news i'm new to the site and just wondered if anyone else had heard the same.

    I was talking to a game keeper on a local pheasant shoot he said a few weeks ago while driving up one of their tracks he stumbled across an RSPCA van, after inquiring into what the driver had just released was told they had just "re homed" 30 foxes.

    He was obviously a bit miffed to say the least so went home and rang the guns from the shoot and organised for the lads to go out the next day after some charlies.
    At the end of the day they had bagged 33.

    Would like to know if anyone else had heard of such things.

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    Yep had the same thing mate!
    The .223 sorted em ou though!

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    Its happened around here a few years back a farmer saw a van load released back to the wild, they didnt last long.

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    Yip , i have shot 6 in and around the same field in the last 10 days.

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    Once mopped 9 up on two consecutive nights we then left a note on the gate where they'd been seen parked to drop em off asking if we could have some more as we'd done the ones previously delivered.Never got none mind.

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    mate shot one wearing a reflective flee collar, happy days

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    that wasnt johns was it
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    correct me if I am wrong but it is illegal to release foxes from captivity.
    How the hell did they get away with that without someone calling the police!?

    BASC/CLA/NGO press release field day!!

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    Dumping foxes is a Known fact here on anglesey im afraid.I know of a few who have shot foxes with castration marks and fur shaved.

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    fox release is ok but you need land owner permission. So for future releases of urban or rehabilitated fox, can such charitable organisations as the RSPCA please contact me and I can arrange for foxes to be rehomed on a 1000 acre hill farm with woodland cover near Eskdalemuir where they can be properly looked after.

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