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Thread: Hello from East Sussex

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    Hello from East Sussex

    Hello all,i look forward to continuing to listen to the interesting debates and advice on stalking and deer in general.I do not practice stalking at the time being but hope in the near furture to start learning and get the ball rolling.I partake in falconry and a little rough shooting and have a interest in pretty much most fieldsports.
    And i forgot to add i'm from East Sussex not far from the Kent border.


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    Hello Robin. and welcome to the site.

    You are the second Robin we have from the Sussex nest


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    Hi Robin,
    New to stalking myself.
    Not to far from you, i'm down on the coast Brighton way.
    I have a good m8 who flys a Saker, Harris and has some big bugger owls...


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    hello from sussex

    Hi Robin,
    Welcome to the site.
    This could get a little confusing, you may need to put an addon with your handle ,
    Being an East Sussex lad myself for the last 60 odd years , ( some of them very odd) , I do however have a few more years stalking under my hat, 51 to be precise.
    For reference I am between you and Sussex Lad.
    Regards Robin

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