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Thread: 7mm tcu

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    7mm tcu

    Hi all
    Iam beasy building a 7mm tcu , as any on got one and could you please share any loading info for 100gr or 120 gr bullets
    thanks lads

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    I have owned them in the past but in handguns. I used 4198 and H335 and the like. Hodgdon's web site has data. You're going to have to find your rifles individual sweet spot.~Muir

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    iam building remmy 700 rilfe in 7mm tcu its going have 19'' barrel. iam really looking to see how it dose in a rilfe ?
    thanks you muir ihave foundthat data

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    Good luck Luke. I will tell you that neck sized cases shot the best in my handguns, by far, and I never tracked down why. I was shooting competitively and when you find what works you just go with it. My XP-100 bolt action handgun had a 15 barrel and speeds were not that impressive. Watch those legal requirements you folks have if you're planning on shooting deer. Let us know how it turns out.~Muir

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    Hi Luke,
    May i ask why you chose a cartridge such as the 7mm TCU to have a rifle chambered in and what your intended use is for said rifle?


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    A bit off topic but what was West Yorks FLD response to a 7mm TCU? From my experience anything slightly out of the ordinary has them adopting the Fetal position and sucking their thumb. I Bamboozled them with something as simple as a 22BR. Had to get the BDS to explain things to them and assure them it was legal for Roe in Scotland.


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    hello Whitebeard
    the rifle will be used for target shooting mainly, but also deer if the results are good ( nosler's data shows that i should the deer ilgal at leat north of the wall) but ill be using it for 100m br shoots form time to time and maybe the mc queen's


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    hi yorkie
    i just filled out the form and sent it in a few a few week latter i got my fac back( it's only do for targat shoot for now)

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