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    Saw a mossberg plinkster in .17 hmr today in the gun shop . Typical American , heavy and solid but felt better than the marlin . Has anyone used one ? Is there a reason they're lowly priced ? My friends in the process of a variation and is tempted . Personally I prefer my Cz !
    I know mossberg make kickass rough shorts but this seems too cheap to be any good if I'm honest .

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    I own one and doing good. My groupings are within an inch at 100yrds.
    The one I got weighed next to nothing but feels cheap.
    The bolt started off rough when cycling but has smoothed off now (300 rds).
    I bought as cash was low at the time and just wanted a small calibre.
    The rifle does exactly what I want it to hardly missing.

    Good bit of kit I believe

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    They were a very popular stalking rilfe when I was in New Zealand - and the climate/terrain there means that most kit that fails to do the job is soon written off as not fit to task & word of such spreads

    Always seemed to the do the job with very few problems or returns for repair/warranty work - its JUST one of them things that the Mossberg name/reputation is based on shotguns NOT rifles...
    how many companies can we all think of that are trading today based on such past reputations, yet the current product line is, er, more a result of board-room input from lawyers and accountants than shooters & gun designers??

    I can think of quite a few...

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