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Thread: Will this dog do?

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    Will this dog do?

    I'm new to stalking but love reading about dogs for tracking deer. The wife(sorry we )Bought a minature Schnauzer a while back, he's 7 months now, sits,stays,returns to a whistle, will sit and stay even when a cheeky Jack Russell stands there barking at him(to a point anyway). I look at him and think "surely not, you're too daft". I've had him out when shooting rabbits and he's really keen to sniff them out, but I might put a stop to that as it might cause problems. I'm really keen to try setting a trail with cows blood in a squeezy bottle just to see how he gets on. Anyway here he is as a pup and now.......Just an excuse to put up pics of my daft dog really....

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    He has a nose and by the sounds of it some sense so i don't see why not!

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    He will do well - they are great dogs. You're lucky mines 3, does not stay or do anything else but he can smell roe and point. Gets very travel sick so does not get used very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simo
    He will do well - they are great dogs. You're lucky mines 3, does not stay or do anything else but he can smell roe and point. Gets very travel sick so does not get used very much.
    very honest and truthfull post post 8)
    good for you
    if you don'ttry you will never know
    like to hear how you get on thou, sounds like a great adventure about to set sail

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    Give him a go, but stop him hunting rabbits and other small game asap.

    I have a border terrier I used when he was younger...The biggest fault he had was that he wasn't steady to rabbits or squirrels, but it was me that caused the problem as I used to take him out with the .22LR when he was very young and not fully trained.

    IMHO, with dogs like terriersespecially when they are young, its far easier if you keep things very black and white, so you either allow him to hunt rabbits or you don't...



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    Well lads I've made a start. I shot my first Roe this weekend up near Newton Stewart with a mate of my dads. The carcase is hanging for a week but brought the legs back for the pup. The wife's over the moon with him running around the house with one in his mouth

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    It depends what you want mick if you just want him to find roe i see no problem most dogs i have known will drop all scents for a deer sent.Its not long before they know what your after.If you still take him out for rats rabbits etc he will always chase sent them as he thinks that's what top dog wants but if you set out the rules now and when you have got a rifle over your shoulder and a stick in your hand he doesn't move from heel he will soon learn.

    not another English man crossing the border i hope Christ the sooner the DCS get there way the beter.

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    there was a very small Teckel at Stones dog day that , got stuck right in , a very big credit to him and handler , when I asked my dog to perform she wouldn't , good days bad days !little more than a puppy like yours . I think the essence is to instill a sense of fun, and the serious training, from that you have a foundation to work from. I will myself take on board the tips and skills learnt and refreshed on that day. I guess we are all on a learning curve from free running tracking dogs , to more controlled specialist dogs , Just enjoy.

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