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Thread: Hunt, hammock, wood... but no cigar!

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    Hunt, hammock, wood... but no cigar!

    Well, thanks to Wayne (mereside) I spent the night last night in a Hammock, and it was marvellous... warm, comfortable and dry!

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    Whilst I didn't shoot anything I did see 6 muntjac and a fawn. I also realised how tricky these little blighters are to stalk. I've shot a few from the highseat but stalking them is something else...

    Of the 6:
    - it was too dark to take out 2 (or rather I couldn't tell if doe or buck and that was too dark for me);
    - one was a doe (and I prefer to leave them);
    - one was a doe + fawn;
    - 1 was just too damn quick;
    - and the one I did get the cross hairs on, at about 120m off the sticks, I got a wild case of the fever and had to lower the rifle and he was gone 5 seconds later.

    All in all the perfect recce for my trip out next week.

    A little bonus was (what I'm assuming to be) signs of fallow, but I didn't see any in the flesh.

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    I also picked up the trail cam whilst there - but that's a different thread.

    Cheers for the idea Wayne, I'm a convert!


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    nice one glad things turned out ok even if you didnt bag one. thats interesting for you if you have now fallow moving through ,good luck with those.
    it is fantastic to stalk them on foot isnt it, last time i went out for them we stalked and area i immedietly spotted a couple so headed after them and within minutes had others come into the frame i didnt manage to get onto the original pair as too many wandered through it was impossible to get to them but boy do they move around, good luck for next time,atb wayne
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    thats fallow for sure mate ,enjoy and leave the does (build the numbers)

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