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    how long

    i had the firearms officer round on thursday and he granted me my first fac, so i was just wondering how long it would take for it to come in the post. he already had my referee forms.


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    He's the Enquiry Officer - it's the Firearms Licensing Officer/Department that will be making the ultimate decision and issuing the FAC on behalf of the Chief Constable. They'll probably be a few on the forum that come under Suffolk so they might be able to give you a genereal idea of how long the process has taken for them - references to be checked, CRB consulted and medical - but every application is different.

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    The FEO coming to see you is just part of the process and although he was may be satisfied with your interview he would not have granted you a FAC. Your application, his/her report along with your referee forms (which should go straight from the referee to the Firearms Licensing Dept will all be submitted for consideration/ checks on you, your referees and your land. Some forces it is the Officer in charge of the Licensing Dept who issues FACs on behalf of the Chief Constable some it is actually the CC who signs them. Depends on how quickly your force processes applications but with some I would not hold your breath.

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    thanks for the replies. when the officer came round i asked if i would be granted one and he replied yes i dont see why not, but as you say i will have to wait and see.

    cheers, tom

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    Tom, If the guy has been doing the job for a while he will have a good idea who will and who will not be granted their FAC but he certainly does not have the last say. Hope it does not take too long and you are then able to get down to the gun shop.

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    Hi Tom, Mine took 4 weeks after FAO visit through Wymondham with all the paperwork correct of course
    Think it also depends on their workload when yours goes through. Adrian

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    A friend has had a one-for-one transaction plus a 26 extra added which has taken 8 weeks.
    It came back minus the moderator extra which had been paid for at the time of the variation.
    Fortunately he had retained the receipt and during a visit to the Firearms Dept. yesterday they sorted him out.
    I took the opportunity to hand in MY letter stating that I had given the said items to him.
    Time varies, ours used to be about 6 weeks.

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