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Thread: gun light for lamping

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    gun light for lamping

    I'd be grateful if people could recommend a gun-mounted lamp kit for a .22LR (for bunnies).

    Price range up to about 150.

    Many thanks.

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    Clulite Masterlite Supreme.

    About 125. Coloured filters a little extra.

    Very bright (300yards), very slim and very light. Mounts on scope with its own internal lithium battery which lasts about four hours.

    Have used on 17HMR (Rabbit) and .243 (Fox).

    Highly recommended!

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    Cluson shootalite SL 1 gunlight, I have one and highly recommend it.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    I have 2:

    Deben Tristar Pro LED (lamp only and bought chinese Lithium battery, total cost 70-80), mounted on the scope, battery in a stock/cheek piece.

    Deben Tracer, internal C123 batteries - good for the 75yds you will be plinking with a .22 but only without the red filter. with the red filter it will barely make 50yds

    I use the red filter for everything now. not usually a Deben fan as they are pricey. but they are a lot smaller than the Clulite alternative.

    LED run on Lithium is the way forward, light, internal and powerful

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    you might consider a scope mounted lightforce 170 , i know you only want it for a .22 and bunnies but if you ever want to lamp foxes at least the one lamp will do both jobs and your budget will be fine for the lightforce. I use a master light supreme as well as the lightforce if lamping solo , i find the clulite is good for finding eyes out to about 200m but with my setup i coudnt positively identify anyhing with it much past 100m let alone shoot anything past 150m.

    check with your local security company for dry cell batteries, most alarm contracts require the batteries are replaced once per year and the companies are normally only too happy to give the old batteries away. but i would definitely put a lithium battery on your Christmas list , they are a great piece of kit.


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    I've tried quite a few of these and the problem with some of the LED lamps particularly the small torch type is that they throw too tight a beam and if you are ever shooting from a truck it's all too easy to lose the rabbit through the scope. I found the JetBeam BC40 very good indeed for rabbits and the odd fox out to 150 yards. Amazon are doing them for 50 now!
    Also Starlight NV do a couple of really good torch types as well.

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    Tiablo A10-G with shade at front to concentrate light, expensive but worth the money in my opinion.

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    Thanks folks - appreciated.

  9. #9 Just found this, this morning


    Oh and there is a Tiablo A10-G on ebay just now no bids for 50 (nothing to do with me bye the way)

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    deban tracer max really good lamping kit for a rifle around 80 bargaine

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