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Thread: Howa 1500 v remington 700 sps

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    Howa 1500 v remington 700 sps

    i am stuck between these 2 rifles in .243 as for which one i shall purchase. i know people have recommended buying the howa but changing the stock but by the time that has happened you are paying more than what you would for the remington. i have used the remington several times now and seem to get on well with the rifle. the rifle isnt going to get a huge amount of use, but if i could have your pros and cons on each one please.

    cheers, tom

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    Howa. A good, solid rifle made from machined forgings.

    Remington's have brazed on bolt handles and heat treated spring clips for extractors. I have replaced many of both.

    Look back last week and read the posts about the bolt handle that flew off of a Remington under recoil. This is the reason I won't use a Remington 700 in the field on big game.~Muir

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    I have the 700 SPS in .223 and the howa 1500 in heavy barrelled, thumbhole pepperwood stock. Love them both, but the howa is a heavy bugger.
    .308, because if I want to watch something run away, I'll take my dog for a walk.

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    I have had a remy 700 243 for nearly twenty years alot of rounds through it and never had any problems what so ever and has never let me down, and a custom based on the 700 action' seems strange of one report of a bolt handle problem and people seem to want to dismiss 700's, it was alleged there was a problem with 700's last year I think? Remington spent alot of time and money and resources (trigger problem I believe) just to find out that it was end user/users messing around with trigger settings when they should of not been altering things, how many 700 sold quite a few worldwide and how many records have been set by target shooters based on 700 actions again alot and still being built, it seems the fashion to knock 700's at the moment, maybe as I have 2 older 700's they were built better? 700 a good choice and lots of after market stuff if and when you want to add to them.

    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Remington are very popular in the US and the ones I shot were very accurate out of the box. I had one and a friend has one, never any mechanical faillure.
    Loads of Tactical rifles are remington based.
    I don't know Howa, but people like Edi ( Ejg) and Thar have loads of experience and speak highly about them. Why not get a barelled action form Howa, get it shortened to 20", recrowned and add one of Edi's light stocks on it. You'll end up in the Tikka T3 price range, with an all steel , light quality rifle.

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    I have a rem 700 in 22/250 it is 23 years old and not a problem with patjack said they were built better then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hales Smut View Post
    You'll end up in the Tikka T3 price range
    So may as well buy a T3 That's where I ended up when considering those two rifles a couple of years ago...

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    T3 I had one in 308 did not like it at all, and have used my friends also just don't like all the plastic bits especially the synthetic stock, trigger was the only thing I liked about it out of the box, even the action did not feel as smooth or tight as my original standard 700 when I first purchased it, maybe the older ones are better, luckily I have 2 and they are keepers. now the old tikka's they were a different story as it seems with the new sako's, seems the accountants are affecting all the new stuff.

    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Quote Originally Posted by shotguntom View Post
    i know people have recommended buying the howa but changing the stock but by the time that has happened you are paying more than what you would for the remington.
    No question, the Howa is a far far better rifle.

    Don't know what you mean about changing the stock, the great thing about them is that you can choose the right stock, scope, silencer, magazine system etc. to suit your needs and buy the package at a good discount. Hell, you can even just buy the barreled action and source the rest elsewhere.

    Its called the "Howa Dream It Build It" system.

    They are constantly adding to the options. Choose either a Bell and Carlsson Carbelite stock, or the Hogue with full aluminium bedding block (not the 50 wobbly one). Or one of the many laminate wood ones, some ambidextrous.

    They all come with a picattiny rail for mounting the 'scope included.

    A lot is not yet advertised, they have short fluted barrel (20") options in some calibres, and a new trigger which is very sweet.

    The new moderator that they supply (have ditched the Wildcat offering) looks very interesting. The (standard) barrel threading and crowning also seems to have improved in quality.

    I saw them at Brock and Norris recently, they offer a special with a B+C stock, recrowned 20" varmint barrel, trigger job, latest Ase Utra S5L moderator etc. etc. for a great price.

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    I have two Remingtons, 243 and 308 both PSS models and I would not change them for anything. I had the 243 fettled with a new barrel, action blue printed and the accuracy is outstanding. The bog standard 308 is also an extremely accurate rifle and I would not consider having anything done to it.
    The 700 action is copied by quite a few custom rifle builders of note so it cannot be as bad as some may suggest.
    Looked at the Howas in stainless recently and they seem like a nice rifle but again I would not see past the Remingtons


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