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Thread: How can I lose my deer?

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    How can I lose my deer?

    I've got a permission with a few fallow (most I've seen 17 on regular visits) on and watch them almost every day. The group is 80% does but as far as I know have not been shot at as the farmer wants them left. I have discussed this with him and when the numbers get in the 30s I can start culling.

    Now over the last two weeks the group has become less and less and they haven't been seen for 3 days. There is also no sign about even with all the rain we cant find slots in any of the usual places. Guys your views please.

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    How big an area are you watching them over. The fallow where i shoot will move away a month at a time then be back just as strong for no apparent reason

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    If you have had the rain we have they might have moved for shelter or drier bedding.

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    We have some fallow on the ground i shoot & they are not a territorial animal.

    If they are disturbed by alot of shooting, dog walkers, farm equipment, vehicles etc they will move on quite happily until they find somewhere quiet & with good feeding.
    Our fallow can be there for 2-3 months reliably, then all of a sudden their gone with not a trace to be found... then without warning they appear back again a few weeks/months later.

    I wouldnt worry too much about it if you havent seen them for a few days, they will move about & come back eventually.

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    the fallow on my ground are very here one day(in numbers) ,gone for a week, back for 2 weeks , gone for 3 weeks etc etc

    i wouldnt worry to much, they hate the rain bigtime, and can wonder along way at night.

    out of all the speices i would say fallow are the most fustating cus they are so unpredictable



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    Fallow are very transient! They will go wherever the best food is and where it is safest. They are probably the most unpredictable of all our 6 species and were undoubtedly put on this earth purely to embarass us stalkers!

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    The ground is 1000 acreas 40% woodland blocks.
    Jon we had rain, rain and more rain. (wettest drought I've seen)
    Have been watching them on lovely grass been grown on for silage.
    No footpaths but get the odd **** wandering nearby.

    My initial thoughts were the rain. Have had no signs of poaching, but saying that did find a yearling Roebuck head in a tarp covered in blood two weeks ago.

    Thanks for the posts it's put my mind at rest.

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    Have to agree 100% with Monkey Spanker. Fallow are nomadic and are possibly the most difficult deer species to keep on top off in the wild. This winter in particular has been difficult to get the numbers, and yet in the past two weeks they have been back in big numbers, and I have over 3000 acres, although it was the same up to and just after the rut. It has been a difficult past winter to get the numbers.

    I wouldnt worry too much about their not being there, although any poaching on a regular basis will certainly keep them away from your ground, but having said that that would go for most deer species.

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    MS and Sikamalc have already nailed it also what you need to think about is the time of year Big groups breaking up into pairs singles getting ready to drop there Fawns so moving back into woods and cover etc ive got hundreds of acres and Deer and the last two weeks the big groups have all but gone apart from the odd Male group

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    Thanks again guys. I was thinking the same but needed to run past some other deer guys to put my mind at rest.

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