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Thread: Muntjac head

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    Muntjac head

    Just finishing off my one and only muntjac skull. Anyone got a picture of a muntjac head that shows how far the tusks go in and what final position looks like, please?

    Or indeed if someone can tell me how far to put them in , so to speak (!) , that would help.
    TA !

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    HI if you put the tusks back in the socket untill you feel resistance you wont be far wrong but make sure you fit them shiny side facing in

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    Thanks, but both sides seem shiny now after peroxiding ! As per my post on the taxidermy thread, I now understand that the curve on the tusks should face outward.

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    Ok, now I've got it sorted. I had them in the wrong holes , believe it or not!! I put them in the nasal cavity. Now looks better and fits fine. Many thanks for help.

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