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Thread: Fit and competent person.SNH

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    Fit and competent person.SNH

    I had a look on the SNH website to see what the criteria for beinng fit and competent was . It said level two within the last five years. Does that mean if one did the level two earlier one doesn't qualify.

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    Hi Rob,

    It simply means you can't use your level 2 to register just simply get 2 referee's to verify for you.


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    The register is L2 up to date with meat hygeine. I know that has been in longer than five years. It also means your level is current to within five years on legislation. Level 2 registrations are only valid for five years then it is referees or cull figures for renewal. Jim

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    Does that mean one has to renew the level two. I don't think I'll ever nerd to be on the register. Two referees and cull figures wouldn't be a problem.

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