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Thread: PC freezing.

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    PC freezing.

    Sometimes my pc freezes up completely. I can leave it for a couple of hours and it doesn`t unfreeze so the only way to turn it off and start again is by switching it off on the tower. (i know that`s not advisable but nothing else works)
    Any ideas why and how to sort it??
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    could be a whole host of things , turning off the pc by the tower is perfecty ok.

    what errors are you getting befrore/after
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    You windows xp by any chance? Clear out old files and temp files. Go into tools top right usually. And clear out. If you save passwords be careful or you will have to reload them next time in, jim

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    Often an oldish machine doesn't have enough RAM to run tasks concurrently. Every machine is different though.

    You could try pressing CNTRL + ALT + DELETE to find out the tasks it's trying to do, then cancel them one by one to free the demands of each.

    Try cleaning out cache memory also in Internet Explorer more frequently, or download Cr*p Cleaner freeware from WWW.PIRIFORM.COM and run it occasionally.

    Sounds like it needs an enema.
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    Some more thoughts.

    Do you run a software inventory tool such as:
    Is all your software licenced and fully patched?
    Is your anti-virus software up to date?
    Do you back up your data on a weekly basis? One of these days your PC might not start again.
    Do you have a support contract for your PC?
    In my experience, PCs are a bit like cars were in the 60's, far too maintenance intensive. The metric at work, is that lifetime support is approximately four times the cost of buying the PC.

    Regards JCS
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    Thanks. Will look into a few things.
    1967spud. I could be looking at the SD then it just freezes up, ocassionally it gives a beep prior to freezing. Sometimes it unfreezes itself other times i have to switch off via the tower and start again.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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