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Thread: Zeiss duralyt 2 - 8 x 42 ir

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    Zeiss duralyt 2 - 8 x 42 ir

    Anyone got one of these, looking for a low mag starter for twilight close work and up the 125 yds as the furthest point

    Looked at the 3-12 x 50 just wondering if that will be a bit too much its on a .22 WMR

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Philip, got the very scope on my T3, great scope, the IR is extremely fine and certainly won't obscure any of the target (the reason i got rid of a S+B ) The 2-8 x 42 is more than enough for me, but thats just me. Hope this is of some help. Atb, Jim.

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    I have one on my T3 too, I think the 8 power is more than enough for shots to 200m, the 2 power is very wide field of view. Most scopes in the uk are way overpowered for the terrain and distances. Better to find the target quickly at low power.

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    Hi, Sounds a nice scope for my .22 Just need to find one for sale. :-) ps. would this be ok for target shooting. I want the IR for mini rifle comps and 1500. The IR will help on black targets I hope.

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    Hi, This scope looks good. Does anyone have one for sale? Prefer as new and cheap :-)
    Thanks Phil

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