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Thread: .240 H&H belted rimless

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    .240 H&H belted rimless

    I am looking for some reloading data for the .240 H&H belted rimless.

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    an american friend of mine shoots one , ill quiz him !

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    I have an unopened pack of the ORIGINAL Eley-Kynock .245" 100 grain bullets for this if you are interested. Cost would be 17.50 which is what they cost me.

    I am in Leicester, although this weeken am not! Send me a PM and I'll reply on Tuesday. I also know where you might well pick up a set of RCBS dies for the same.

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    I will have to get my barrel measured as I know some were supplied in .245 and some were in .243 and go over pressure with some Kynoch and Norma ammo

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