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Thread: BSA CF2 6.5x55

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    BSA CF2 6.5x55

    Greetings everybody, I'm new here and I'm from Canada (Greetings from the Commonwealth)

    I'm interested in a modern 6.5x55 bolt action rifle and I stumbled across the BSA CF2 series.

    I have a dealer that is selling for $460 CDN. I talked to him and the rifle is in good working condition, handling marks, some dings in the stock, bluing is good, comes with weaver bases, no front sight blade or rear sight blade (ramps and rear sight base present). The trigger guard and bottom metal have some wear however. Bore and crown are very good.

    Seller's description: BSA CF2 in 6.5x55. Very good bore. Weaver bases. Open sights removed. Shows some handling marks. trigger guard shows wear on finish. Overall very good condition.

    What can you tell me about this series of rifles? How do they compare to modern actions like the Tikka T3 or CZ 550 in this chambering? Will I be able to load hot 6.5x55 for this action? Any details will be of great help as there isn't much information on these rifles in N. America.

    Pictures provided for your viewing. My other alternative is a Churchill Highlander in 6.5x55 imported by Kassner ($550). I believe they are now the Sabatti Rover 870 model. Which rifle do you recommend? For perspective, what do hunters in the UK think of BSA rifles and how much do these CF2 usually for in ?

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    The only experiance I have with these rifles is a pal I stalk with has one in 7mm. Exellant bit of kit and shoots better than his ruger and his heym. If I could find one over here in 6.5x55 I'd jump on it.

    Cheers. Matt.

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    There only about 400 of those 7x57 made. He should keep that one. What kind of groups and accuracy are we talking about with these rifles? Sub-MOA capable at 100 yards? Are the barrels free-floated?

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    His is the 7x64. Iv shot it at paper a few time and always 1 inch groups or less. I'm sure there could be a bit more accuracy squeezed out of it if he spent more time on his reloading but he's I throw I bit of powder in a case, stick a bullet on top and that will do kind of guy. And yes the barrels are free floating.


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    1'' groups at 100 m? That's pretty decent, good enough for hunting.

    How does the action feel when you cycle it? And the feeding from the magazine? How does the recoil feel due to the stock design?

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    The CF2 is a very well made rifle that is very reminiscent of Sako designs of that period with a nice non-rotating bolt guide rib (which i think is also shared with the Sabatti action), the primary difference being a plunger-type ejector as opposed to the Sako blade-type ejector. They are quite a heavy rifle, though - around the 8lb mark from memory. They are a fairly common rifle in my part of the world, and that rifle would typically sell around the $Au5-600 mark here. I would very happily own one. I think the BSA rifles are similar quality to the Finnish rifles of the period, but sell much cheaper secondhand.

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    Well I just bought it, hopefully it turns out as good as you guys are describing it! Any more info on this rifle? What were the design influences? It looks awfully similar to the Sako L61R Finnbear of the 60's, are they mechanically similar besides looking the same
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    I use sabatti rover 870 in 6.5x55 and shot a lot of fallow and roe with it.its cheap second hand and shots well. see Reeves web site for new models
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    The actions are quite smooth due to the bolt guide rib. No 6.5x55 in an 8lb rifle is going to recoil much. The walnut was quite nice on these rifles, although the stock on the north american rifles was not to everybody's liking from a cosmetic perspective. I would certainly expect better than MOA from that rifle. It is chambered in an inherently accurate cartridge, has an extremely stiff and precisely costructed reciever, and BSA barrels had an excellent reputation. With a bit of sandpaper and oil, i think you will find that stock will refinish very nicely. Enjoy your new old british rifle.
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    Thanks Brenneke for you insight.

    I will get the Williams sights filled in to complete the look. Where to get the front sight hood?

    Is this essentially a Sako L61R with a plunger ejector instead?

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