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Thread: Meopta 7x50

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    Meopta 7x50

    I have lost the nitrogen from my faithful Meopta 7x50 can anyone advise how/where I can get it recharged and approximate costs, also would you recommend sending it back to Meopta or having it repaired by someone in the UK.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    hi have the same problem i think. same scope when stalking in hard winter it lets moisture in and it freezes emailed meopter free repair only carrage costs not keen on sending it though

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    OK if the scope is less than 10 years old then it's covered by warranty. Unless the scope has been messed with in which case they're not interested in unless you pay. You have to send any warranty claims through Marchwood. I brought an 8 year old used scope and cannot get the reticle focused. Spoke to Marchwood and sent it to them but it seems they say the scope has been messed with so it's not covered. They sent it to Action Optics for repair at my cost.

    I still cannot get it focussed so it's going back to be checked again. Why I cannot have the view and reticle focussed is a question that so far has eluded us as the other 7x50A Meopta I own is fine in this respect as are my other scopes.

    Action Optics can clean and re-gas your scope and the cost is reasonable at around 49 including return postage.

    Paul Burke can also clean and re-gas them.

    I have had a no name 6x42 scope repaired and serviced as well as two old Nikko Sterling Special 4x32 scopes one of which he mad and fitted a duplex reticle for to replace the broken fine cross hair one.

    The Meopta problem is a puzzle as when it arrived I had this focus problem. Right now it's sitting on top of the wardrobe waiting for me to post it back for him to have another look at.

    The 7x50A I have owned and used for at least a dozen years maybe more and that to was brought used. I have had no problems with it fogging up.

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    Thanks Toad & Brithunter,

    I've emailed Marchwood, My scope is 10 years + so will have to pay by the sounds of it, its my fault though I laid it on the snow for about 10 minuets a couple of years when it was -15 deg c and noticed condensation straight away. Just got back in to shooting rabbits recently so would like to get it repaired, its on my .22lr and its been a cracking little scope I bought two from Sportsman for 220.00 each both on my rimfires and for the money really good low light performers.

    Thanks Again


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    Marchwood will suggest you send it to Action Optics as that's who they use for out of warranty ones and how mine ended up there.

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    i have just had the same scope repaired by action optics, first class service. Thought Marchwood would have been more helpful if truthful, but got the feeling it was never going back to CR, but they did forward to action, and scope is fixed

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    It seems, well according to what the chappie at Marchwood told me, that Meopta only have one way of fixing these scopes and they apply it to all. They strip it apart and completely re-build and have a fixed charge for the strip then charge for any components. He did seem a bit vague on this though. perhaps it's the translation thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toad View Post
    hi have the same problem i think. same scope when stalking in hard winter it lets moisture in and it freezes emailed meopter free repair only carrage costs not keen on sending it though
    You tight beggar. Cor the Welsh are meaner than the Scots (allegedly). So you will put up with a scope that has a known fault and likely to mist up?
    Send it off and get it fixed, they are cracking scopes and well worth repairing.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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