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Thread: sort out of dvds

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    sort out of dvds

    hi all, i have been having a sort out tonight and i have come across a load of dvds that i have had for a wile, these are from pigeon shooting to the big 5 shooting in Africa, i have lots of deer stalking ones to, i was thinking of selling these for about 3.50 each and i have over 50 of them but i must say they are not originals as i got them of ebay and they are just white or silver dvd in a plastic sleeve , anyway if anyone is interested pm me cheers

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    Are you a trade member because that would be nice.

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    sorry didnt no i need to be i will sort that out cheers

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    If that is a private collection that you are culling and you aren't a business, you don't need to be a trade member.

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    thanks jabalihunter yes these are dvds iv collected over the years and no i'm not a business, thanks again for the advice jabalihunter cheers

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    You don't need to be a trade member for your own collection, but are you publicly infringing copyright law by selling copies of the originals I would hate for you to come unstuck,

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    cheers john yes never thought about that mate, i think i wont bother sell them just incase thanks again

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