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    Martins Ground

    Yesterday evening saw me down in Somerset with an anxious look at the skies .The week has been a total wash out at work and im well behind but i hoped that maybe a break in the rain would allow us to do a bit of stalking .I took Martin the buck shot earlier in the week and after getting that in the larder it appeared to be dry enough for a look out .Martin drove to one of my favourite spots of his ,a dell set in a valley or a small valley within a valley for those not familiar with the word .We glassed the top fields from the road and could clearly see a deer on one of the top pastures ,a doe i believed but hard top tell at the extreme range .Drove a bit further to the parking point and unloaded whereupon it was apparent the farmer had been busy removing bramble bushes ,the very same bushes that help to conceal our stalk most often so another route was planned with Martin leading the way around the hill side to our right .Just as we set off we glassed a young doe feeding on overhead leaves in the dell bottem so another move was made to skirt around her .Arrived at the top field ,a lush meadow that the deer love and both had a good glass,We made out two roe feeding along a hedge about 350 yds away id say and after a while we both agreed that the right hand deer was a buck .May sound strange that we wernt 100 % on it to start with but the hedge overhung the deer putting them in even more bad light than the cloudy sky allowed . The top of the dell is to our left here with a tree line ,fenced on our side and this is where we planned to stalk along .Martin set off ,getting about 100 yds then bringing me to the front to continue .There is a fine line between having to stop often to glass and allowing too much time for the deer to wander off but i made another 100 yds with the deer still unaware.The fence now weaves a bit and i was unsighted for a while and a glance back at Martin and the resulting hand gestures told me they had gone through a gap in the hedge a bit lower down so more caution on the final approach .i could see the deer now through the hedge and managed to slowly get to a hole big enough for me to crouch in .The doe ,heavily pregnant was just 15 yds away and now on high alert ,staring straight at the gap with the buck just behind her .I had slid into the gap with the bipod extended as i knew they were close .Waited for a while until she relaxed a bit ,enough to turn her head away and got my position comfy for a shot .The buck obliged by moving away about 30 yds further up the field but 3/4 on so a further wait and took him through the chest to which he signalled and ran to the fence ,deviating and headed downhill straight for me and collapsed just by the doe .She went over to sniff him and resumed feeding .I never like this bit but i stood up to move her off but she only went a few yds then looked over her shoulder to reveal another pair of roe in the half light ,a young buck and young doe by the looks of it .Stepped out and off she went barking as she did so .The shot was a bit far bark to be honest but the gralloch revealed no damage to the green ,only a graze to the liver ,taking out the lower lungs too .
    Cheers Mate for a great stalk and first 6 pointer of the season

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    Why is my font so small ?Anyone ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxdropper View Post
    Why is my font so small ?Anyone ?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Not sure mate,but I struggled to read getting old!

    Here's a couple of pics of the ground...........

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    I read it ok. Well done both, good result.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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