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Thread: newbie needing all your help

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    newbie needing all your help

    Hi all.
    Lady stalker from Aberdeenshire needing help, can't post on the classified as too new!

    I have had a set of Carl Zeiss 10 x 45 T RF Victory Bino's (range finder) "removed in error" from my house. If any one is offered these to buy, please get in touch with the police. They have their carry strap and lens covers attached but no case, box or paperwork. Very precious as took me ages to save up for them Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks.

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    Very sorry to hear that,
    Do you have any idea who might have 'removed them in error'?

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    hope you find them and recover your bins.
    any chance we can here about yourself and what your into ,atb wayne
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    Thats a shame to hear about, I take it somebody liberated them without your permission. Perhaps you may get a bit more interest shown if we were to know a bit more about you and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of your property. Not being funny but here you are asking for our help, which I am sure we would gladly give, but you have only supplied the most minimal of information and thats a bit cryptic, help us to help you.

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