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    went stalking smorning,i took a nice 6 pointer,weather took a turn for the worst and i thought i would take the short cut across the reems,i had to take a little run up to clear this one,as i planted my foot to jump the bank gave way and i went up to the family jewels in black stagnant water again,this isnt the first time

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    No worry,s you come from the right place.

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    am not really sure what your reply means,atb swarovski

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    Swaro im more than sure 6P is refering to the fact your from Bath so could get cleaned up

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    doh my brain hurts ,i never thought of it like that sniper,the last time this happened i jumped across with the roe doe on a sling over my shoulder and the rifle,i had to grab stingers to stop myself going in up to my waiste

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    Lol youve had some bad luck on your stalks but I suppose there will also be some memorable 1's for good reasons as well

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    i did laugh to myself after i emptied my wellies,a few years ago my mate and i were out lamping,i climbed over a barbed wire fence and mate followed,wire snapped and he went a cropper,his 22 250 was stuck in the ground,we fumbled around and found a long enough bit of strait wire to clear it,10 mins later he went down again,i said in tyre ruts,i'm blowed if half an hour later he went over again,i said i will drive home,we laughed so much that night,was one of our best nights out for sure

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