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Thread: telescopes on the hill

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    telescopes on the hill

    how many of you still use extendable telescopes on the hill? what types and what benefits over decent binoculars do they are they worth the extra weight to get the 'reach'.

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    Use a Gray scope on the stags. Couldn't do without it for checking them out at a distance. Dont weigh much and never notice them when I have them with me.

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    Still use one on the stags, same reasons as previous poster, mine is vintage " The Watcher " made for Macpherson and son, the sporting stores, Inverness don't know who the actual maker was, made in the 1940s I think but not certain , would be interested if anybody knows

    Not a bad glass but not as good as a Gray a Gray has the advantage of modern computer cut lenses, so every Gray should leave the manufacturers exactly the same, where as in my old glass the lenses were done by hand so the quality is only as good as the person building them.

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    Are these 'as well' as or 'instead of' binoculars?

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    Bought my Grays for Stalking in Sotland,now I wouldnt be without it down here in Northants.Use it alongside binoculars most of the time.Dont notice the weight.

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    I use when out for Stags and occasionally on the Roe if planning sitting out over some of our more open areas.

    With a slight nod to some of the other ongoing posts about 'expectations' I make a point of using; particularly with foreign clients that arrive wanting to see tweeds and whole 'Scottish Stalking' thing. As has been said - it's a service industry. Also quite useful that some traditions develop for a good reason!

    Slightly as an aside - but hopefully acceptable - I too use a John Macpherson Inverness 'scope. Its brass with 3 draws from the main body - which is leathered. Has a sliding eye lens cover and slide out sunshade at the objective - roughly 40mm objective and I guess about 20x?

    Beautifully made and whilst the optics aren't going to cause Swarovski to lose any sleep, it is pretty darn good ( must have got the lens maker on a good day ).

    Leather case was tweaked by Dougster for me.

    Clients love it - always gets pulled in as a 'prop' in photo's.

    Not sure how close to Bogtrotter's it is - but like him, if anyone has any further info on these, I'd love to hear it. Tried researching online, but never found any real detail - or even noticed one come up for sale.
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    As previous posts invaluable mainly at the stags.
    Use it at distance 2000-3000m+ to check out stags heads no point in stalking a couple of hours into something i,m not going to shoot when i get there. I use binos to locate the deer on the hill side, larger field of vision , and the scope to evaluate what i,ve found. Usually use the scope to glass the approach for hidden sheep /deer . It can save any surprises as you can see antler points extending up out of dead ground that may be missed by bino's until your closer. The final stage the bino's take over to call the strike ,dead or shoot again if needed.

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    I use mine (Gray's) on roe, as well as bino's. When you are squinting at bucks, even at close distance; use the telescope and you can clearly study the heads in fine detail. 3 draw scopes also work perfectly well in highseats, as they are compact and slung over the shoulder when walking; are well worth the slight weight. They do not gather the light as well as German binoculars but still perform up to twighlight.
    I think a must for any stalker who likes to see exactly what they are leaving/culling - Highlands or lowlands.

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    I like the idea of a long scope - I have trouble trying to hold a normal modern dumpy spotting scope steady without a tripod.
    Question is - What is the eye relief like on the Grays etc? - I wear spex & like to keep them on while spotting.


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