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Thread: Little Tracked Vehicle used on the moors

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    Little Tracked Vehicle used on the moors

    Firstly may I apologise for using your forum for a non stalking related enquiry, I do hope you all dont object too much. I am trying to find a small tracked vehicle called a Universal Carrier to buy and restore for my father as he was involved in making these vehicles many many years ago. The were extremely popular with landowners particularly in Scotland and on Grouse moors. I have heard from time to time that some relics still exist on the various properties but other than appealing to your membership I would have no idea how else to try and locate one. My Dad and I would be very grateful for any help in tracking one down. thanks in advance Andrew

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    Hi can you give any more details about the vehicle, not sure of the vehicle you mean.

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    hi there, thanks for the reply and interest in my quest. I am hoping this will post a photo here if not I will put a link in.

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    yes indeed, they are also called a Bren Gun Carrier. My Dad was drafted from school into works making these in 1943 before going off to serve in the Far East in the RAF.. Anwyay, he has always wanted to get one and restore it. Although I guess that would be my job now! I know a lot were sold ex MOD for use on the moors, some must still be out there.

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    1 moor i go to still use something very similar to that, (if u've got a front on photo it might help, does there bonnet look similar to an old 2cv type shape) they call it a snow cat, think ex scandinvina? forces. Amazing the places it goes, esp when the driver is a lunatic cracking wee machine,

    I prob won't be back up till after the 12th now, unless i'm up giving a hand counting, i could try and get a photo for u

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    Hi Country Boy, thats very kind of you for responding, but you are referring to a snowmobile which does have a bonnet more like a 2CV! Sadly Father wants a Bren Carrier! Thanks though much appreciated.

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    I seem to recall that some people called them a "weasel" and did incredible things with them. Alex Mclarty in the Crieff area was renowned for his bravery!!!!

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    interesting goathunter. They may well have been nicknamed Weasel although there is another tracked vehicle called a Weasel which is totally different.

    I found this old new item about a Bren Carrier going to a Grouse Moor in 1971. It may help jog a memory or two.

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    Never mind, it sort of looked a wee bit similar from the side, and i knew they called it a snow cat but had no idea that was it's rite name. I'm never allowed near enough it, it's generally for the guns

    I'm pretty sure someone here will be able to help u but if not u could mibee phone the sga offices and possibly ask them to put something in there next mag. The sga are pretty well supported by keepers and won't be that many keepers/stalkers or ghillies not in it, or atleast a nieghbouring estate keeper.

    Good luck wi it, sorry couldnae be more help

    Jist seen ur photo linked above looks nothing like a snow cat from that view
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