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Thread: Help with Scotland visit.

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    Help with Scotland visit.

    In May myself and good lady are planning a trip around the coast of Scotland and visiting as many islands and out of the way places possible in the two weeks I have. 8)

    If any one has any info on special places to visit , from a small local pub to a view that can not be missed please let me no.

    As I am interested all forms of fieldsports this may well be included in the visit. fishing ( sea, game, ) rods will be packed, may even sneak in the rifle,

    If you no of a good b&b or a pub that does rooms, good hotels etc think you get the idea. will be needing lots as you can see from the route below.

    first port of call is Edinburgh get the shopping out the way for the other half. Then up through Perth A90 to Aberdeen A96 out of Aberdeen, follow to A9, may hang out and look for Nessie for a night or two up A9 to John o Groats, visit Orkney ,Shetland, follow coast road A836 round top of Scotland then out to western isles and back to Fort William down to Cowal and across to Glasgow then carry on around on the A77 to Gretna,

    It Is a Long trip and the planned route may well change depending on what comes up, If anyone has any ideas or just meet for a dram let me no and will try and see of much as We can.
    Forgot to say Im 40 Half way through the trip ....... need something special for that day.
    Look forward to you hints and tips.

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    Mrs basil is from Dundee and that was the type of trip we had been planning.
    Sheila would stay with her family then i would go off on my travels.
    Then the dreaded redundancy hit us and everything planned became history.
    Scotlands scenery is spectacular and well worth the miles of traveling.
    Enjoy your holiday.

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    Make sure you stop in a stalaig near tinnabruach. Contact widows son he will have Brebdas number for HER B/B Its in the farm and there are some ecilent views over to tarbet etc. Nice area.

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    The view from Cadha Mor above Easter Fearn on the south side of the Dornoch Firth is very nice! It's only a couple of miles off your route over the Dornoch Bridge so well worth a look on the way past.


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    Got to say Corusik House in Elgol, Skye....if you like seafood, you won't find fresher. The prawns come off the boat, up the hill and into the pan! They have rooms too.

    I do have a vested interest as I do a bit of cooking there in the venison casserole ain't too shabby!

    Plus, the views of the Cuillin from Elgol are appeared on Britains Favourite Views on the TV, in the movie Stardust and in the Ultravox video for Lament (showing my age!) amonst many others.

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    Anywhere in Sutherland is quite spectacular, me living there has no influence on this belief of course.

    One thing I would scrub off the list is John O' Groats, this is a highly personal thing of course but in my opinion there is nothing there! Having said you can always tell folk you have been there.

    If you are going up the A9 at Brora you could always turn off and head North via Strath Kildonan follow the road to Syre, turn right at the crossroads (eventually) and go up to Thurso that way. I always think that Strath Kildonan is a pretty place.

    Give us a shout nearer the time and we could maybe squeeze in a dram or three.

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    If you venture onto Skye then I suggest a trip to Neist Point lighthouse. Great views and if you are brave enough for a little climb down the rocks there are some great pollock fishing spots. I was there a couple of years ago and the wife spent hours watching Minke whales whilst I fished.


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    if you go to ullapool call in at, were all my mates up there haunt and a good venison burger


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    Ullapool is a good idea, great pollock fishing from around Rhue Lighthouse .

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    Thankyou all for the advise and recomendations please keep them coming. will write some sort of completion story with a few photos if I can sort out my out of date computer.

    Thanks again hope to see some of you soon

    Keep um coming

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