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Thread: Calton Moor

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    Calton Moor

    Just got back from Calton Moor rang e, zeoring my new T3 in. Cracking set up , well worth the 80 mile drive. Big thanks to Mike and Matt for helping me to get sorted out. Last time i was there, Mike noticed my scope had the wrong windage turret on, turn ed up today to find he had ordered me a new one in for free. Top bloke, top set up. Atb, Jim

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    topman top place been twice and when i,ve bought my new scope for my 22.250 i,ll be there for a 3rd time
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    Good to meet you at Mike's yesterday Jim. That's a nice rig you were sorting out. Known Mike for Yonks & you're right, he's a very helpful chap indeed.
    I know I made a lot of noise on the range, but sorting out my brass now for some proper loads. Cheers.
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    Likewise, always nice to meet fellow sportsmen. Don't worry about the noise, i thought it sounded great! Hope all goes well for you in the coming couple of weeks. All the very best, Jim.

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    nice to see you all and glad to help as much as we can any problems we are here to help anyone nice to see your all having fun and enjoying your time here
    all the best
    matt and mike
    calton moor range


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