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Thread: When you go, will you send back

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    When you go, will you send back

    Ey up
    In a couple of weeks I am of to Fort Collins in Colorado for a week to do with work. Yay!
    Now I won`t get much chance to sample the place (shame as i`ve never been to the states and the hunting looks superb) Will be busy with the job, but, my question is, As I`m planning to travel out light, what would you bring back ?? what are the real bargains to be had in the US ?


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    New sako A7 $650... Bet its a lot more here...

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    Anything and everything. As whenever I compare prices it's always cheaper in dollars. Check your wish list on Cabelas website.

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    Do not try to buy a gun - this will get you in trouble!! But all clothing and non eurpean scopes are good, range finder and any reloading gear


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    Hi Rake Aboot
    I know you said in your post that you will be busy with work whilst there , but if you get some time and fancy a go at indooor pistol/revolver etc have a a look here its only a few miles outside Fortcollins
    I was at a friends wedding there about 2 years ago and a few of us went to the range which is also a pretty big gunshop by UK standards - no problem with renting a gun and buying ammo etc- show them some id and sign a disclaimer and away you go.
    Also I would guess that you are flying to Denver airport - on the outskirts of Denver there is one of the huge shooting/fishing shops, either Basspro or Cabelas I cant remember which one - but very impressive.
    I thought Fortcollins was a very nice place, approx 1.5hrs drive from Estes National Park - at the right time of the year (rutting season) the Elk become a big problem for the local police as they return to their rutting territory which man has now inhabited and during the rut the Elk are pretty much fearless of humans, lots of bear also in the park

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    Hey George
    It`s a pain that I won`t get any time off really, I can`t get onto the rmss website from out here but have already read that they are in FC so will be visiting.
    Vapours, It can be done seemingly. Will be trying to find out for sure, Brand new T3 lite stainless for 398,, Thats POUNDS !! 800 over here.

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    The big hunting store on the outskirts of Denver is Bass pro. Well worth a visit - its huge!

    On the purchasing of guns I understood:

    "If you are visiting the US as a non-resident alien, US law does not permit you to purchase a firearm in the US or be in possession of a firearm. The only exception is if you are in possession of a valid US hunting license and bring a gun in with you."

    Its, also a federal offense to purchase a gun for a non re.

    All guns bought from a FFL require a check that you would fail. Interestingly there is a thriving trade in unchecked guns at gun fairs

    Funny to say getting the gun into the UK is thestraight forward bit. I always fancied bringing back a really nice action for a custom built.


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    reloading gear,optics,clothing,fishing gear are all really cheap even in bass pro.
    cabales is better though
    Cabela's: Retail Stores

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