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Thread: Who is responsible.

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    Who is responsible.

    With the current crop of posts, established companies are being trashed on this site by foreign persons who possibly feel safe by distance. Right or wrong is not the question. If the estate or business in question is affected in a negative manner by blatantly malisious posts and they took legal action, proving there was no case to answer could the site owners be held liable. Remember the lad giving info on free downloads getting done because he allowed it to happen on his site even though it was others posting the links. Jim

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    Who defines "Blatently malicious?"

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    Right or wrong is the question Jim. It`s called customer reviews. If the chap is correct in his review then we as a community should be aware of it, if he is wrong then the company need to reasure us about the level of service they provide and back it up.

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    I believe (and that is the important part) that any review is valid, as long as it is the perception of the person giving it. We all have different opinions of the service provided at any event, your perception may be based on how long you have had to save up for the event, or you have been elsewhere, where the service was vastly different, (better or worse). As long as no untrue statements are made the spin you impart on your comments are valid.
    It is then up to the supplier of services to put their side.
    However if untrue statements are made then that is a different matter. There may be legal issues from libel to attempting to pervert the course of justice if a criminal act is alleged.
    Liability for the site will be limited by the disclaimer in the terms and conditions that were signed/accepted when we joined.

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    It is not so much the review as the posts that follow. And no the disclaimer does not absolve the site. When a person ends up in court so does the newspaper for printing it. More and more the postings on the internet are becoming viewed in the same way. Allow poison to remain you are liable for the fallout. Look at the number of posts being deleted acros many forums. Facts are safe. Many support posts sail close to fiction disguised as support for OP. all three main trial by forum posts had support by users but the denigrating posts continued unabated by people who could not tell you where the estates were. Jim

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    A company on here offered a service, I expressed an interest and they replied saying an information pack would be sent.

    I never heard another thing and to this day I look at all their postings on this site , remember how I was treated, and think negative thoughts

    You are in business,
    I ask for something
    You say that for price X , Y will happen/be done

    If it doesn't, you - perhaps wrongly- will be seen to be to blame and since you are only as good as the last job you did, you need to make sure the client is as happy as possible when they leave .

    It's not rocket science, it's been going on since man started providing a service for money.

    The outcome may sometimes be unfair but that's what happens.- I've had 2 jobs where the client failed to meet his responsibilities (as written in the conditions of the contract) and I ended up refunding his money rather than have a public bust up.
    Not fair, but long term it was sensible for my business.

    For me, the best providers are the ones who remember that clients are people and not cash cows!

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    As a long term member of marlin owners, which used to be owned by marlin rifles,they decided to close the site, due to posters giving information about home loading which could have injured someone following that information and them being liable for damages. So I suppose in a liable case the site owners could be held liable for deformation of character, if they could not prove that they had monitored the site properly. The liable laws regarding the Internet are difficult and would vary from country to country. If a poster wrote say from Belgium is he covered by British law or Belgian.take the BBC who quote everyday what has been posted from Syria etc, how do we know it's true, that's why the word" alleged" crops up so much on news reports.

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    Perhaps someone in the legal profession could offer advice on the legal situation regarding libel on the internet.
    My personal thoughts are that surely you could be committing an offence to write something about soeone that is untrue with or even possibly without malicious intent?
    Dealing with such things on a U.K. based site used by U.K. posters shouldn’t be too much hassle for the offended person. Dealing with such matters by a poster based in Europe and answerable to European warrants may be a little more involved but is still achievable. In the case of someone posting from outside of the EU it may be a bit more difficult but there is also the fallback that the website might bear some responsibility (sorry site owners) if they failed to rectify a wrong?
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    When is a wrong not a wrong?, any potentially injured party would have to prove their case before taking any actions against websites??.... granted a blatantly injurious post would be removed forthwith?, something that needed to be proven / disproved, would not leave websites open to punishment?
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    Thinking along the lines of the recent spate of threatening and hate filled comments posted on social network sites and aimed at specific football persons, I know that the writers of such material have been prosecuted and in some cases jailed but I have never heard of the operators of such social networking sites being taken to task. I would think it difficult to prove the actual person who wrote the comments. People have come on this site using anothers passwords etc.
    Surely if the comments made are opinion based on fact and not just derogatory or malicious there should be no problem but as always, is a forum such as this the correct way to deal with a complaint.

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