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Thread: Carbon fibre Mods?

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    Carbon fibre Mods?

    now I saw my first carbon fibre mod the other day and it sounds great but it didn't perform. anyone had any dealings with them and can enlighten me on the subject as I would have no faith in it purely on a structural basis?!?

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    what was it on a rimfire or centrefire ? i know Richard pope makes some carbon fibre rimfire mods and there very good.

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    hiya in reply i had a carbon mod fitted when i had my rifle theaded the shop supplyed a carbon mod it looked great but after the 3rd shot a very loud bang and my face was covered with hot gases and shardes of carbon, i phoned the shop they replaced the mod stupidly i accepted it (lucky i didnt use it)the shop phoned to warn me not to use it as the manufacturer had recalled them, lucky for me the shop replaced my mod with a t8 hope this helps bazil
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    Quote Originally Posted by bazil View Post
    After the 3rd shot a very loud bang and my face was covered with hot gases and shards of carbon [...] the shop phoned to warn me not to use it as the manufacturer had recalled them
    First of all, I'm glad you're OK, after what must have been a shocking experience. Bad enough to get fragged once, but twice would really have been too much.

    How recently did this happen? Not long ago, presumably, as this model hasn't been on the market more than about 6 months AFAIK.

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    Alarm bells ringing!!! Carbon fibre is a composite that is NOT suitable for moderators for general use full stop! Although, as a 'disposable' piece of equipment like in a spy film I'd go with that because it's super cool.

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    Aerospace factor of 0.9
    I work with carbon fibre quite a lot but would not recomend it for a moderator.
    I had one of those modertors in my hand once, heavy a hell and then it doesn't hold???
    Heavy, large, unreliable.... why not buy smaller, lighter and more reliable as in A-tec or Roedale.

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    Strange - carbon wrapped barrels work absolutely fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    Strange - carbon wrapped barrels work absolutely fine.
    I think the important word there is "wrapped". I wouldn't trust a moderator made purely of carbon fibre, not that it's based on science, but because my only experience of carbon bikes would suggest that a sharp knock can end up with shattered carbon everywhere!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I was lucky to be wearing shooting specs, I got the mod 11th nov 2011 baz

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    Intriguing as a couple of my friends have carbon-fibre moderators - used on full-bore calibres (.243/.308) and no problems.

    Baffle arrangement was just 'tinkering about' and the internals are of an aero-alloy.


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